With industry trends constantly evolving, the pressure continues for organisations to efficiently drive operations, to improve delivery of their internal operations in order to meet changing demands, and to reduce their costs. Around the world, businesses are using managed services to accelerate transformation while minimising disruption and risk. 

With Managed Services, KPMG offers support on a continuous basis, leveraging three types of assets: people, tech and data. We provide customisable solutions for clients that have limited capacity available internally and are in need of high-quality technological innovation and a fast turnaround time. Our services, which harness decades of KPMG experience and expertise, allow our clients to free up resources to focus on the development of their core operations.

Unburden your organisation

  • Regulation-based Services focuses on the implementation or execution of programmes at governmental organisations after regulatory changes.
  • Internal Control in a Box aims at the long-term management of internal control, SOX and J-SOX programmes. This includes keeping up to date with compliance mandates and managing the expectations of management, auditors and regulators.
  • Third-Party Risk Management as a Service focuses on continuous screening, identification and mitigation of third-party-related risks throughout the life cycle of your third-party relationships. Our TPRM and due diligence experts will complement or work alongside your central team.
  • Know Your Customer and CDD as a Service concentrates on the end-to-end Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence processes to complete ongoing rolling reviews and clear backlogs of complex files in line with regulatory requirements. This includes remediation in line with regulatory requirements.
  • Managed Detection and Response as a Service is increasingly relevant in the current context of rising cybercrime rates and the massive financial and reputational risks involved. This tech-based solution offers continuous cyber detection and incident response services in order to help companies identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Why KPMG is well positioned to deliver managed services

Managed services allow organisations to shift their attention from overhead and mandatory compliance processes to meeting clients’ needs and performing value-creating activities. We do that by leveraging our best qualities.

  • Our industry and subject matter experts provide in-depth (regulatory) knowledge throughout the life cycle of the engagement, ensuring client needs and quality standards are met.
  • Complementary to your proprietary applications, we provide best-of-breed tools and technology (e.g. RPA, analytics, intelligent automation).
  • Alliance partners are engaged to offer specific tooling.
  • We secure your data with strict KPMG risk management and data processes.
  • We drive efficiency and productivity by providing insights into performance metrics to facilitate decision making.
  • We leverage our global network to deliver first-time-right services from a location that fits your purpose.
  • We leverage our expertise and methodologies in operations delivery, audit and advisory.
  • People and technology are balanced and offer scalability.

Together, we will help you prepare your organisation for an enduring future.

How outsourcing must evolve radically to survive the talent crunch

KPMG Global Managed Services leader Dave Brown recently joined HFS CEO Phil Fersht to discuss how enterprises are more reliant on accessing third-party talent to keep their businesses functioning in today’s talent-constrained world.

Watch the webinar.

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