Use managed services to drive transformation at the speed of business

Organizations face growing pressure to efficiently drive operations while also meeting changing demands, complying with new regulations, and adopting new technologies. Accelerated transformation is the key to sustained advantage—but it’s not a fixed destination. By the time you get there, “there” has already moved on.

The Advisory Managed Services team can help continually evolve your business functions to keep up with ever-changing targets. At KPMG, our managed services solutions go far beyond the classic models of labor arbitrage and transactional services. We work with you to:

  • Operationalize your growth strategies

  • Minimize risk 

  • Lower operational cost 

Our Approach

We provide the best of KPMG: Our people, our tech, our practices. 

Our quality-assured managed services utilize KPMG proprietary and alliance-driven technology, decision-driving data, and proven methodologies to achieve success. Operational and subject matter experts accompany every engagement.

Strategic advice and judgment-intensive practices are engrained in our services. As your transformation partner, we guide you in the ongoing journey, often into uncharted territory: 

The opportunities for sustainable transformation exist in high-value areas throughout your business—both noncore and core, in the front, middle and back office. That’s why our services reach across the spectrum, from cyber detection and response to third-party risk management, customer due diligence, and internal controls. 

Our scalable services aim to cut your total cost of operations by 15 to 45 percent, and that’s just the beginning. With deep domain knowledge, data management and smart analytics, we help you tap new kinds of outcomes, such as faster speed to market, improved forecasting, stakeholder trust and operational resilience.  

The most successful transformations are tech-enabled but strategy-led. So, we bring the right technology, plus renowned expertise across functions, processes and industries, plus strong experience in change management. Working together, we help you define your vision and operationalize it, so you can gain—and sustain—competitive advantage.   

We deliver services using a client-centered mix of KPMG professionals, all with highly specific skillsets needed for the job. Every KPMG employee and facility is quality assured. This global network, available 24/7, provides you with optimal, predictable costs and speeds up delivery. 

Our specialized, onshore managed services team, located in The Netherlands, meets your local legal and language requirements, a benefit for organizations such as the public sector needing a highly localized approach.

Are you taking advantage of Managed Services?

How we can help

We currently offer five managed service solutions:

  • Regulation-based Services focuses on the implementation or execution of programmes at governmental organizations after regulatory changes.
  • Internal Control in a Box aims at the long-term management of internal control, SOX and J-SOX programmes. This includes keeping up to date with compliance mandates and managing the expectations of management, auditors, and regulators.
  • Third-Party Risk Management as a Service focuses on continuous screening, identification and mitigation of third party-related risks throughout the life cycle of your third-party relationships. Our TPRM and due diligence experts will complement or work alongside your central team.
  • Know Your Customer and CDD as a Service concentrate on the end-to-end Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence processes to complete ongoing rolling reviews and clear backlogs of complex files in line with regulatory requirements. This includes remediation in line with regulatory requirements.
  • Managed Detection and Response as a Service is increasingly relevant in the current context of rising cybercrime rates and the massive financial and reputational risks involved. This tech-based solution offers continuous cyber detection and incident response services in order to help companies identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks.