KPMG and HFS Research conducted a global study to understand companies’ approach to SaaS support after implementation. Read below for key insights and download the full report below for an in-depth understanding of how Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) plays a critical role in managing financial, resource, project, supply chain, and workforce operations; why many businesses struggle to get the full value of their platforms, and how they are solving for this challenge. 

  1. Adoption of SaaS continues to increase across organizations; however, the full value is limited if new features aren’t deployed to deliver business outcomes. This growth is driven by improving the ability of teams to work.  

2. Organizations are leaving value on the table. Survey respondents are concerned about missing out on the new features that allow for more automation/efficiencies when using the software, as well as functionalities aimed at security improvements. The top seven areas identified as missed opportunities include:

3. Managed services is a way to improve long-term return on cloud investments. Compared with two years ago, more companies are using a managed services model. Internal IT teams play an important role in the technology decisions around adopting, testing, and deploying new SaaS functionality. However, these teams are seldom involved in training business users on the software and its new functionality. According to survey respondents, 46% of these efforts go to the managed services or consulting firms, with managed services identified as the most preferred model for training non-IT users on new SaaS functionality.

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