The success of your business is influenced by many different internal and external factors. For example, changes to strategy or complying with amended or new laws and regulations. It is very important for firms to be able to respond to changing market conditions, so that growth opportunities are utilised and risks minimised. Companies are having to deal with changes in market conditions at an ever faster rate. Building resilience through risk management and internal control is therefore essential. How can you build this resilience within your organisation?

Employing the right technology for risk management and internal control

The use of advanced technology and new skills in the field of risk management and internal control is now common practice. As such, we apply them consistently within the Governance, Risk & Compliance Services department in order to deliver better insight and work even more efficiently.

For example, we make use of KPMG Facilitator View and Dynamic Risk Assessment in order to conduct risk assessments and achieve a deeper understanding of the interconnectivity between risks. We also have extensive experience of implementing and utilising various Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions such as Sofy Suite.

How KPMG can help you

KPMG Governance, Risk & Compliance Services offers a structured framework that consists of four chief elements:

  • defining and formulating corporate or process objectives
  • identifying risks
  • identifying risks
  • obtaining assurance about the operation of the framework

This framework provides the foundation for our services. Below you will find more information about how we can help you achieve resilience through good risk management and internal control activities, giving your business a better grip on risks and making it easier for you to respond to changes in the marketplace.

Our Governance, Risk & Compliance services consist of:

Enterprise Risk Management
The success of risk management is largely determined by the way in which it is integrated into the corporate strategy, business operations and corporate culture. Sound risk management comprises a structured process in which operational objectives are linked to the company’s strategy before cataloguing the relevant risks and control measures.

Internal Control
Success in controlling risks largely depends on establishing an effective framework of control measures. KPMG helps companies map out relevant risks within their business processes and design the required control measures in order to achieve operational, financial reporting and compliance objectives.

Internal Audit
As a company, you want to be clear on how well your internal risk management is functioning. The Internal Audit Function offers you this insight by scrutinising the control of your organisation from the perspective of an independent body. KPMG helps companies to design this function as effectively as possible.

Soft Controls
Culture and behaviour are essential when it comes controlling the organisation. The so-called soft controls are the foundation for malfunctioning or missing hard controls. KPMG helps improve the quality of the Internal Audit Function by making culture and behaviour tangible and facilitating reporting on them.

Contract Compliance
Optimising contractual relationships with third parties, focused on increasing profitability.

Internal Audit as a Service
Our professionals can support you if your business lacks the capacity or knowledge to see whether you are ‘in control’ in concrete terms. Internal Audit as a Service offers you four options to support your organisation and give you new insights into your processes and your control of those processes:

  • Conducting process or theme-based audits
  • Coaching
  • Subject Matter Expert: een ondersteunende specialist
  • Inrichten van de Internal Audit Functie (IAF)

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