An organisation that has removed functional silos, internal divisions and other partitions. An organisation in which processes are optimally connected to each other – and which connects itself to others – based on an unambiguous focus on the customer. And with the people, the organisation and the technology that make such a focus possible. That is the Connected Enterprise. KPMG can help you build it, using a concrete approach.

What you can do to accelerate the digitalisation of your organisation

Although the expectations of customers are constantly increasing and changing, and the technological possibilities to meet these expectations are growing, we find that many organisations are a few steps behind in realising their ambitions in digital transformation. Often, these are the steps that the entire organisation must take in the change process, the steps that make it possible for the entire organisation to benefit from the new possibilities and opportunities of digitalisation. Delaying or omitting these steps can therefore be detrimental to your organisation.

When it comes to digitalisation, one single perspective is still too-often dominant. The technological perspective, for example, or the marketing perspective, or the financial perspective. In KPMG's view, digital transformation has many dimensions and if all of these dimensions are not addressed during the transformation process, the construction will have holes in it while it is still being built. In that case, it will quickly become clear that addressing all of them from the start is crucial to ensure a solid foundation. If any of these fundamental building blocks are neglected during the construction phase, the entire structure is at risk of failure.

Wat is de juiste aanpak voor de digitalisering van jouw organisatie?

Connected is the approach that KPMG has developed to accommodate this diversity. In terms of content, this approach is based on extensive global research by Forrester Consulting into the factors that determine the quality of the customer experience. Eight competencies proved to be decisive. The extent to which an organisation possesses these competencies and invests in (further) improving them determines the success of the customer experience-oriented and sector-specific digital transformation. The Forrester research shows that organisations with a high level of maturity with regard to these competencies have twice the chance of success.

The eight competencies of the Connected Enterprise

With clear data governance as a foundation, the Connected Enterprise can be driven by solid data. The starting point is the availability of a single customer profile in all systems.

The Connected Enterprise moves with the changes in customer ecosystems. New products and services are designed based on customer needs and have a short time-to-market.

The Connected Enterprise offers a consistent customer journey based on personalised, understandable interactions. This is made possible by employees performing their roles within effective and efficient internal processes: the employee experience is as important as the customer experience.

The Connected Enterprise offers customers seamless interactions through their preferred channel, and always securely.

The Connected Enterprise makes smart use of scale and standardisation. Simplicity, maximum synergy between business units and targeted automation save costs. Security and compliance are embedded in daily operations.

The employees of the Connected Enterprise do what is beneficial to the customer and are involved in the continuous improvement of the customer journey. The working environment is attractive, with efficient and flexible processes. Agile working is supported by leadership, strategic workforce planning and competence development.

The Connected Enterprise is digitally driven. It works with a minimum level of legacy architecture, is mindful of ethics when sharing data, saves costs through a cloud-first strategy and SaaS and makes effective use of technology platforms.

The Connected Enterprise builds trusted relationships with every partner in the ecosystems of which it is a part. The attitude is open and collaborative. The Connected Enterprise can manage collaborations, welcomes disruptive developments and breaks down functional silos, as long as it all benefits the value proposition for the customer.

The eight competencies interlock, need each other, influence each other and reinforce each other. Collectively, they are the driving force that accelerates your digital transformation and keeps it going. Profound changes of the kind brought about by a digital transformation are always a combination of strategy and implementation, and of people and technology.

In order to implement these eight competencies effectively, we can assist you strategically, technically and organisationally with the following services, which are closely connected.