Smart use of cloud technology increases your business value

Driven by ever-increasing digitisation, the wishes and expectations of your customers are changing. In many companies, this is resulting in a growing need for scalable and flexible IT solutions, which can often no longer be supplied in-house, or only at very high cost. In such cases, the cloud is the perfect solution, and it is also future-proof. An effective cloud transformation not only means you are technically and functionally ready for the future, it seamlessly aligns with your business objectives. Many firms have now begun their journey to the cloud for one or more applications, and an ever increasing number of businesses are moving to a ‘cloud unless’ policy. But what is the best route?

Working in the cloud offers numerous opportunities and will certainly contribute to the development and growth of your business. A short summary of the advantages. The cloud:

  • is scalable;
  • is flexible;
  • is secure;
  • is cost efficient;
  • and provides access to endless quantities of data.

Drivers of cloud transformation

The drivers for switching to the cloud vary from one company to another. But those differing motives are largely based on the following four situations. There is a good chance that you will recognise at least one of these four:

The desire to digitise, or further digitise.

The need to upgrade the data centre.

A growing need to employ Data and Analytics.

The desire to update the ERP system.

How to migrate to the cloud in six steps

Modernising the digital infrastructure by means of the cloud calls for a sound approach. A salient point is that while the cloud appears to be primarily about technology, in fact the opposite is true. It is about the question what will it deliver for your business? That means: thinking it through carefully, providing factual support to demonstrate the need, a clear analysis of your infrastructure, making a business case and configuring your organisation accordingly.

KPMG has the knowledge, experience and neutrality to support your transformation to the cloud from A-Z. We follow a six-step plan. With each individual step, we help you successfully achieve your cloud ambitions. Watch the video to see how we go through the different steps with you

Experience of IT, processes and organisational change

KPMG's strength in cloud transformations is not a standard IT-based approach but a combination of our organisation-wide knowledge and experience of business strategy, vertical markets and technology. In a digital transformation, all those aspects come together and you want to be able to rely on a partner who has faced this situation before.

KPMG is often asked to perform a directing role in cloud transformations. We can help you execute and steer the entire process. We show companies which levers are available to them and provide factual arguments. Alongside our One Cloud expertise, we also make use of our market and process knowledge.

And thanks to our international network, we can offer direct support in many different countries and we understand international cooperation. Which is good news for international clients who want or expect a local presence. This increases quality significantly and reduces the lead time for international cloud projects. Thanks to our experience with and knowledge of international legislation and regulations for banks, regulators and governments, we also understand the current issues in your sector and what requirements you need to comply with. We draw on that knowledge in every step we take.

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