In today’s world you cannot get around Cloud Services. E-mail, apps on your phone, the ability to approve invoices right from your tablet, virtual chat bots to help you if you have a question are all examples of cloud services. It is no longer the old windows server in the basement.

In modern enterprise IT, cloud services enable the business to adapt quickly to constantly changing market demands by leveraging the computing power of cloud services. The opportunity for IT is to remove friction and enable a truly connected enterprise, aligning the front, middle, and back office to become a customer-centric, digitally enabled business, engineered for profitable growth.

We believe that IT and Business should work together to realize the cloud’s full potential. This requires new skills both for IT and for the business. Traditional IT management processes still remain very relevant but will become much more embedded in the business, allowing business professionals to better manage and control how technology supports their organizations. IT people become much more experts that help the business to understand how to use cloud technology to get the most out of it.

How can KPMG support your transition to the Azure Cloud?

The KPMG Azure Cloud team consists of highly skilled professionals who are specialized in different components of the Microsoft technology stack but that also differentiate with their business acumen. Due to these characteristics our team can support you in implementing or making the most out of your Azure technology both on a local- or global scale.

Our team is focused on the use of Microsoft Cloud Technology and can help with:

Application Migration and Modernization using Azure services
Migration to the cloud and more specifically to Azure will be one of the first steps to take towards the digital transformation of any organization. With that said this can often be a very complex and challenging process. Having to deal with legacy applications, hidden costs, shadow IT and outdated processes generates a risk of doing more harm than good when migrating to Azure.

Our KPMG Azure Cloud team can support you in the process of migrating and modernizing your applications in the Azure Cloud while mitigating and controlling these risks. The combination of technical expertise and business understanding of the KPMG consultants will help you in making sure your journey to Azure is successful and valuable to your organization.

Integrating Applications using Azure integration services
Like any other transformation, the journey to optimally leveraging Azure cloud technology is often characterized by a point where organizations hit the “valley of despair”. This still happens even if it is quite obvious that successfully adopting Azure, or any cloud for that matter, is a necessity for any modern enterprise.

This “valley of despair” point is often caused by the lack of integration between your applications or even between your Azure cloud and the existing infrastructures in your organizations. It is in fact more and more common for organizations, especially on large scale, to deal with multi-cloud or even hybrid environments where different infrastructures have to co-exist and communicate in the best possible way.

We can support you in making the most out of your Azure integration services to ensure information and data are flowing correctly and smoothly between all of your on-prem and cloud applications. We can also help you leverage the appropriate components to enable your Azure cloud environment to efficiently communicate with any other cloud or legacy on-premise infrastructure in your organizations.

Building your Azure competence center
Azure cloud, like any other technology, requires the right competences and governance to strive and generate benefit for an organization. Roles, responsibilities, target operating model, change management, support, administration and cost management are just a few of the many topics that organizations need to address in order to ensure their Azure competence center is fit for purpose.

The KPMG team has developed several frameworks to help any kind of organization build and setup their Azure competence center efficiently. For example our 4-step pragmatic approach to Azure cost management allows organizations and their Azure competence centers to have full transparency on their Azure costs and to avoid any hidden consumption costs.

Define the next steps with Azure Inspiration sessions
If you are interested in Azure, but still struggling with the right approach, we are here to help you. During our tailormade Azure inspiration sessions we will show the latest trends and developments within cloud and Azure technology. In addition we share some thoughts on how an Azure cloud transformation could look like including different scenarios. Our KPMG Azure Cloud team has developed a cloud assessment checklist that allows you to get a clear picture of the current state of Azure cloud, this way these inspiration sessions can be aimed to your needs and requirements Contact our experts directly to request an tailormade Azure Inspiration Session.

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