Technological progress is of enormous importance but at the same time puts pressure on sectors. As a result, organisations face the challenge of keeping up with rapidly changing market developments. Digital transformation is not something that is finished overnight but a continuous process that must go hand in hand with a culture change within the organisation. That is why there is significant need within organisations to quickly and properly deploy the capabilities of the major cloud platforms such as SAP, Microsoft, ServiceNow or Salesforce.

KPMG Technology Platforms Services helps your organisation to manage, implement and optimise processes in the areas of finance, production, supply chain, logistics, customer relationship management, IT and HR.

An integrated IT landscape with the right solutions helps organisations to make better and faster decisions, makes it easier to respond to market changes, improves customer retention, and contributes to sustainable progress. However, to get the optimal value from the big cloud platforms, a lot needs to be done, much more than the deployment of technology alone. Often, organisations fail to properly align processes with the technology and define user roles and responsibilities. As a result, the implementation often takes much longer than necessary, leading to unnecessary costs and risks. With Technology Platforms Services, this is prevented and together we can build a future-proof organisation.

Deploying the right platform

With KPMG Technology Platforms Services, we help your organisation to identify the right strategy, the technology, and the implementation and optimisation of the chosen solution. In doing so, we support the transformation from A to Z. Together, we formulate a vision, then implement it, and subsequently examine how we can optimise the results. We are actively involved in the entire change process.

Determining strategy for deploying the right systems and tools

Change is about making choices and, above all, making conscious choices, choices based on the organisation's objectives and the operational model. What does the organisation need? What approach is appropriate? What does the architecture that meets all conditions look like, and what are the systems and tools that connect to it? The whole range of solutions is covered, from ERP systems to separate procurement solutions, from CRM to property management.

Implementing the right solutions

This is followed by the implementation of the chosen strategy and associated solutions. Thanks to our unique Powered methodology, we know better than anyone how to make this implementation as effective and efficient as possible, always with a keen eye on potential pitfalls that may arise, especially in the areas of inadequate change management, insufficient attention to Master Data Management, and underestimating the complexity of integrating the various systems.


Besides the fact that our Powered approach will save your organisation a lot of time, it delivers numerous other benefits. Your transformation gets off to a flying start, you validate pre-built operational models, and gain access into industry insights, applications and processes. Other benefits? Key stakeholders are involved in the pre-configured solutions, technology becomes tangible and shows how it can support your organisation, and the impact of business change, through every layer of the organisation, becomes tangible and visible more quickly. Moreover, the Powered methodology works for every department within the organisation. So, in addition to IT, there is for example a Powered solution for Finance, Marketing, Sales, Risk, Cyber Security, HR and the Supply Chain.  

Optimizing existing systems and tools

Finally, optimisation is the third strength of Technology Platforms Services, in which operational excellence is always the guiding principle. This may involve the correct alignment of the technology and processes after an implementation process has been completed, but it may also involve migrations or upgrades, or the necessary adoption of new technologies.

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