The primary challenge organizations face in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is the complex and dynamic nature of these components. Managing diverse regulations, ensuring adherence to compliance standards, mitigating risks, and maintaining effective governance structures require a delicate balance. 

Integrating Governance, Risk and Compliance into business processes

Also changes in the business processes as well as to the IT-landscape of an organization may result in new risks being faced by the organization. Organizations often struggle to keep pace with evolving regulations, industry standards, and the details of their own operations. This challenge is combined by the need to integrate GRC seamlessly into core business processes, ensuring that it becomes an integral part of day-to-day operations rather than a standalone function. Successfully addressing these challenges requires a strategic and technology-driven approach to ensure organizations can navigate the GRC landscape with agility and resilience. Our dedicated team specializes in seamlessly integrating governance, risk, and compliance into core business processes and the implementation of supporting GRC-tooling to monitor controls and to automate the testing of controls where possible.

Using technology to support GRC processes

Our GRC Technology and Control Integration services offer comprehensive support, addressing various facets of the GRC landscape. We begin by identifying improvements to the existing control framework and identifying technology requirements essential for supporting GRC processes and continue by aiding in vendor selection, implementing technology platforms, and conducting post-deployment reviews to extract valuable insights from the implementation experience.

We provide a suite of services tailored to enhance ERP security and controls:

  • ERP Application Security: We design, implement, manage, assess, and monitor authorization role design for SAP S/4HANA and Microsoft Dynamics solutions.
  • ERP Controls Implementation: Our experts assist in designing, implementing, managing, assessing, and monitoring for SAP S/4HANA and Microsoft Dynamics solutions, ensuring compliance with regulations and policies.
  • ERP Control Automation: We identify and implement solutions for automating the monitoring and testing of controls, thereby streamlining processes.
  • ERP Assurance: We assess the ERP control environment, supporting both internal and external audits, offering a transparent understanding of the organization's compliance status.
  • GRC Access Control Monitoring: Our experience on SAP Access control solutions like SAP GRC, SAP IAG help to prevent, detect, and respond to critical access rights and segregation of duties conflicts, ensuring robust data security.

Integrated Risk Management Solutions

In addition to these services, our Integrated Risk Management solutions involve the design and implementation of integrated risk and compliance program strategies. Our flagship offering, Powered Enterprise Risk, the KPMG better practice on risk management, combines forward-looking risk management perspectives and industry expertise with our detailed understanding of controls within ERP applications like SAP and Dynamics. Our Target Operating Model serves as a blueprint for aligning your risk management practices with your business objectives. 

Managing users and roles

Furthermore, we provide support on Identity Access Governance, supporting organizations in selecting and implementing solutions for managing the employee/customer lifecycle, including periodic certifications and segregation of duty monitoring.

Leveraging a variety of tools and technologies, such as RPA, data analytics, process mining, and GRC technology implementation, we excel in optimizing GRC processes. We can also provide (temporary) support with your GRC solution through our GRC Managed Services team, ensuring that your GRC technology remains efficient and effective in driving responsible growth, confident decision-making, innovative initiatives, and sustainable improvements in performance and efficiency.

In embracing our comprehensive GRC Technology and Control Integration services, your organization gains the confidence to navigate the intricate risk, control and regulatory landscape of the digital era. Trust us to be your strategic partner in achieving success and adopting a dynamic new approach to risk management.

In addition to GRC Technology & Control Integration, KPMG also offers services under the Governance, Risk & Compliance Services (GRCS) banner with a comprehensive framework for organizational objectives, risk identification, controls and assurance. These services focus on integrating risk management into strategy, operations and culture, establishing effective controls, providing audit insights, addressing soft controls, optimizing contracts and adapting to strategic change. Click here to learn more about GRC Services

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