Never before have global supply chains been so volatile and fraught with risk. Changing customer wishes, pandemics, economic challenges, scarcity of raw materials, political unrest and changing regulations are combining to produce constant change. This calls for identifying and managing uncertainty on one hand and promoting sustainability on the other. Businesses face the following challenges:

  • Making constant changes transparent;
  • Increasing connection and efficiency in the chain;
  • Adapting operational models.

With Powered Supply Chain Management, KPMG provides answers to those challenges. In our Powered Enterprise approach, we use preconfigured processes to help you answer questions such as:-

  • Is my supply chain responsive to customer experience feedback?
  • Does my end-to-end supply chain function as a single virtual organisation?
  • Can I see my total supply and demand at any moment in time?
  • How quickly can I identify a potential problem relating to continuity of delivery and how quickly can I respond to that problem?
  • Are product movements steered by actual demand or by expected demand?
  • How can I manage risks and regulations better?
  • Does my current supply chain enable me to achieve the best service/the best product at the lowest cost?

Hoe kan KPMG helpen?

KPMG Powered Supply Chain Management offers an impressive combination of industry-leading practices and processes, proven technological solutions and a next-generation delivery framework. We do so by means of the following components:

  • Powered Target Operating Model – determines how the transformation proceeds through every layer of your organisation.
  • Powered Execution Suite – is an integrated platform of advanced tools that deliver a functional transformation.
  • Powered Evolution – offers access to specialist tools to promote constant change.

Our integrated Powered Enterprise Supply Chain Management solution offers you:

  • a rapid start to the digital transformation of your supply chain function;
  • immediate access to leading supply chain practices and processes;
  • validated solutions which have been proven in practice;
  • reduced risks in the implementation of the back-office and an improved ROI;
  • a personalised change management and supplier experience;
  • a solid platform for further evolution and progress.


For more information, make an appointment with our Powered Enterprise Supply Chain Management specialist. We explain concretely and clearly how you can optimize your supply chain.