Procurement organisations face unprecedented changes that threaten their very raison d'être. Increased power for consumers, new legal requirements, price pressure and ever evolving markets as a result of mergers and acquisitions plus sustainability issues are all important factors that are forcing Procurement managers to re-evaluate their strategies.

What is causing changes in the procurement department?

These days, most purchasing experiences are available with one click. Customers, employees and suppliers are no longer prepared to go through laborious processes and demand a fast, user-friendly purchasing experience. The procurement organisation of the future will no longer offer ‘procurement and sourcing’ but a seamless digital purchasing experience. Suppliers, customers and your organisation will need to be seamlessly aligned if you are to compete via digital platforms, making use of cognitive analyses.

A future-proof procurement department with Powered Enterprise Procurement

Powered Enterprise Procurement is a unique combination of leading practices, processes and leading configured cloud software solutions that will contribute to making your procurement organisation future-proof quickly and efficiently. The operational model of Powered Procurement describes every process and all the roles and controls you will need during your procurement transformation.

KPMG has worked intensively with leading companies in this field like Coupa and Ivalua and has the relevant knowledge about implementing and optimising these solutions.

It was important for us to have access to best practices from other organizations as well as the technical expertise to help during the multi-year transition, KPMG offered that through Powered Procurement assets and tools.

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