The Procurement discipline currently faces many challenges! Developments such as the impact of digitisation, changes to the political landscape and an increasing scarcity of raw materials mean that supply chains are becoming more complex and companies are ever more dependent on their suppliers in order to be able to achieve their objectives. As such, the added value of Procurement in terms of reducing costs, controlling supply chain and other risks and achieving organisational goals is essential in order to remain successful as a business.

Our latest insights

How can the Procurement function add the most value? How can you strike the optimum balance as a company between limiting risks, minimising costs and maximising added value?

KPMG has been named by ALM Intelligence (an independent research agency that has been evaluating consultancy firms for 40 years) as one of the leading procurement consultancies helping organisations in the profit and non-profit sectors with their issues and transitions in the area of digital and non-digital Procurement. With our many years of expertise, we support organisations with strategy & organisation, processes, sourcing and creating value with the help of Data Analytics. In doing so, we look at both the Procurement function and the overall supply chain in order to achieve synergies. 

Strategy & Organisation

We work with you to shape visionary and effective strategies. In this way, we can design a pragmatic, future-proof and tailor-made framework for the Procurement function that fits seamlessly with the rest of the organisation. We will assist you in configuring integrated Procurement and Supply Chain functions, with a focus on achieving the most suitable structure and deployment of employees. Talent and innovation are central to our approach.


We lead supplier selection pathways and implementations of user-friendly ‘Procure to Pay’ solutions such as Coupa, Ivalua and ProActis. These tools enable companies to fully automate product/service ordering and invoice processing and to optimise processes. In addition, we will help you identify and monitor potential supplier risks. We also offer support in the area of contract and supplier management, maximising the value of contractual arrangements and supplier relationships.


By means of techniques such as spend analytics and should costing, we work with you to create an effective approach to sourcing. We use a carefully thought-through methodology to explore, initiate, maintain and develop cooperative relationships with suppliers. In this way, we optimise your choice of suppliers, your relationships with suppliers and the financial and other conditions of your contracts. In addition, we have been advising government and public agencies on European tenders for many years. We will advise you how best to achieve your objectives while complying with the provisions of the Procurement Act in matters such as selecting the right tender procedure, purchasing methodology, contract form and plot layout.

Creating value by means of advanced Data Analytics

Using Data Analytics, we support businesses in creating value throughout the ‘Source to Pay’ process. For example, predicting stock positions, expected demand and price developments with Intelligent Forecasting. But we can also help you obtain insight into the performance of suppliers and transparency in your expenditures and the supply chain, as well as effectively and efficiently organising category management with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Based on our methodologies, digital tools and wide-ranging experience of various sectors, our specialist consultants offer integrated advice and support for issues and transitions in the areas of Procurement and Supply Chain.