Preparing your business services for the future together

We live in a digital era, in which innovations and technological developments are coming thick and fast. Moreover, globalisation means worldwide competition is increasing. For your business, this raises many questions and challenges. Finance & Business Services (F&BS) offers you the helping hand you need to face up to these challenges. With integrated, tailor-made solutions, we can help you optimise and transform your complete business services (Finance, HR, Procurement, Facilities, IT sourcing, etc.) or back office including the associated business processes.

An outside perspective and the right expertise

Many companies find it hard to take a step back and analyse where the opportunities lie. They do not always have the right specialists to initiate a transformation. KPMG offers the required external vision and possesses the knowledge to achieve a successful transformation. We will identify obstacles and sticking points and work with you to transform them into a success. Our experts will work with you to identify your challenges and needs based on a thorough analysis. We will then look at which services can contribute to optimising and integrating your business processes and IT systems. To this end we use standard operating models (processes, organisational structure, governance, etc.) and corresponding supporting IT systems (configuration, test scripts, interfaces, etc.) which KPMG has developed and optimised for business functions (Finance, HR, Procurement, etc.) that exist within many companies.

With the help of our standard, we focus on components that are specific to your company. This approach utilises the benefits of both a standard and a tailored solution – resulting in faster processes, reduced error-sensitivity and cost savings for you. All in all, efficiency gains that will also enable your employees to perform better.

Solutions for the entire organisation

We have expertise to support you with the issues you face. For example, robotising your financial processes, identifying and securing potential savings within your procurement organisation, integrating and aligning your business services, defining activities and transforming your HR organisation or recalibrating and defining your IT sourcing strategy. Our added value lies not only in the correct analysis and future-proof design. Together with you, we will achieve the new business services processes and organisation.

Cutting costs, saving time and boosting quality

By integrating different business services, you will gain a better view of your performance across the board, including reporting (internal and external). As a result, you will know what the right moment is to dispose of a division or make an investment with a short earn back period. Digitising processing or outsourcing services can achieve cost savings of up to 40 percent. Moreover, digitisation eliminates the need for a lot of time-consuming work. Smart tools can make the communication and data processing within your organisation much more efficient, allowing everyone to focus on tasks that add value. In addition, our services deliver a boost to quality in the workplace. We will make sure your employees embrace the transformation and are able to navigate through it, and that you have the right people within your organisation to advise and maintain a dialogue with the business. This will drive up the level of expertise and enable problems to be resolved more quickly – resulting in efficiency, quality and cost savings.

Why choose KPMG?

We are valued by our clients for our passion in bringing projects to a successful conclusion and our eye for detail. You can bring us in at any stage, whichever sector you operate in. We are the leading transformation partner for all your challenges.

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