Companies are going ever further in optimising their business services. When do you know whether this will add value to the business? In a model like this, the business services are integrated and linked together using a mix of captive shared services and outsourcing. Far-reaching standardisation and reuse of tooling and knowledge result in continuous quality improvement and cost reduction. This approach offers the possibility of getting the silos to work together in end-to-end processes that add value to the business.

Choose the right sourcing model

How far should you go as a company? Shall we outsource finance processes, or is HR also an option? And in that case, do we still need a team locally? Or is a captive service centre better, or is that not necessary in view of all the technological developments and options? And, not least, what does the value case look like?

These are examples of questions we get from clients daily. A global business services model is not suitable for every company. Based on the current situation, we will make an analysis of the maturity and a business case to calculate the feasibility of sourcing the different processes. The analysis results in a clear, independent recommendation that enables our clients to get started right away. Enabling them to always choose the best service delivery and operating model that meets expectations now and in the future.  

From strategy to implementation and optimisation

Choosing the right operating model is the first step. What comes next? Which processes will we reassign and how many people do we need for that? All complex issues that are relevant in order to finalise the configuration of the global business services model. This is followed by transition and implementation – how best to go about that?

With our team of professionals and supported by methodologies, tools and a value delivery framework, we support the client through all these phases. Our proven approach ensures the right structure, which is essential in order to successfully deliver the strategy, design and implementation.

Grip or transformation

Switching to a global business services model often involves a major transformation. Modifying the organisation challenges you to take another look at IT systems, processes and how the different departments can work together seamlessly. How do you make sure you remain in control during such an impactful transformation?

We provide advice, challenge clients regarding their current situation, lead transformations and supply the right expertise. Years of experience within different sectors and around the world enable us to challenge clients and support them with the goal of a smooth transformation process. Together we make sure the transformation does not disrupt the current business and prepares the client for the future.