Global Business Services (GBS) organizations exist to serve the needs of their organization and are increasingly layering in more diverse, value add services to their portfolio. As a result, many organizations today are characterized by complex organizational and systems landscapes that users struggle to navigate and agents struggle to operate within.

Today's Challenges

This degradation of user experience, coupled with resulting inefficiencies, is leading to operating complexity and challenges driving out cost. Some of the key challenges GBS organizations are facing today include:

  • Employee Experience: Unhappy GBS customers due to sub-optimal processes, complicated work instructions and limited self-service options;
  • Standardization: Non-standard processes and services not aligned to the end to end customer journey;
  • Service Delivery: High volumes of manual activities due to non-standard processes and systems;
  • Risk & Governance: Systems not designed to highlight breaches in regulations, exposing organizations to compliance issues;
  • Knowledge Integration: Absence of cross functional knowledge management and;
  • System Integration: Fragmented systems landscapes with an absence of integration and real time reporting.

How do GBS organizations get to the next level? What’s the solution?

Many GBS organizations have made the journey from fragmented and siloed shared services but have “stalled”; taking the benefits from consolidation and scaling but not delivering the next level of value. Leading organizations are now focussing on:

  • GBS digital enablement aligned to services;
  • Embedding digital capability and mindset across the enterprise and;
  • Customer and employee experience led design.

Powered GBS is a proposition that brings together KPMG’s Global Business Services expertise and ServiceNow implementation capability to deliver a truly connected, digital solution. The strengths of ServiceNow as a platform makes it uniquely capable of helping leaders of GBS organizations (both mature and developing) quickly deliver against a broad range of their most important strategic imperatives. Powered GBS can enable organizations to:

  • Create a seamless and consistent customer and colleague experience, through a unified Portal;
  • Drive operational excellence through orchestrating and automating process workflows including increasing prevalence of self service and use of virtual agents;
  • Produce on demand, automated reporting, visualization and insight generation and;
  • Improve risk and compliance monitoring and reporting (e.g. policy and compliance management)

Coming up next time

In the second part of this article series, we’ll look at some of the key features of the Powered GBS solution.