Top 10 features of the solution

The Powered GBS solution features include:

  • Single point of access for GBS Customers – Customers of GBS services will interface with processes via a single portal with seamless integration into ServiceNow to orchestrate Service Delivery;
  • Integrated knowledge base – Enable users to search for articles across knowledge bases through ServiceNow Portal;
  • Digitization of Global Processes – Global processes updated to accommodate automation of the services on the platform;
  • Orchestrated Delivery of Services – Reduce manual activities and tasks and drive automated service delivery where-ever possible with an intent for user interactions to be over 90% + self-service;
  • Virtual Agent – User interactions will be a blend of fully virtual agent with live agent hand-off, when necessary, with majority of initiated chats to be completed via the virtual agent only;
  • Chatbot Integration – Chatbot capability deployed to facilitate self-service for users initiating conversations via the native ServiceNow chatbot functionality;
  • Self-Service Enabled – Enable Customer self-service across all function areas and drive greater service fulfilment;
  • Continuous Capability Enhancement – Provide scalability as more functions are onboarded in future phases;
  • Toolset Optimization – Deduplication and simplification of the application estate, through removing niche or bespoke tooling / systems where appropriate in favor of consolidating capability on ServiceNow and;
  • End User Status Updates – Provide end users with real time updates of their open requests, activities, issues etc.

Key benefits

The Powered GBS solution features enable the following benefits to flow:

  • Establish a single unified portal for employees and customers engaging with GBS, with data driven personalization functionality;
  • Drive engagement through a single system of action (ServiceNow), elevating users out of the myriad of complex systems of record;
  • Enable ‘mobile’ and encourage use of self-service to deflect cases and free up agents’ time;
  • Utilize ServiceNow reporting capabilities to automate operational performance measurement and reporting to help drive the customer service culture and;
  • Enable complex cross functional workflows on ServiceNow, automating step, integrating to systems of record and providing end-to-end visibility.

Coming up next time

In the third and final part of this blog series, we’ll look at examples of Powered GBS use cases through three lenses: the GBS Customer, the GBS Professional and the GBS Leader.