Companies are in the midst of a digital transformation across the breadth of their organisation, but they are often hampered by a complex web of existing processes and systems within their business functions. It is critical to provide exceptional service management amidst rapid change and to couple this with a modern and user-friendly digital platform.

KPMG and ServiceNow combine leading technology, industry expertise and intelligent design to help your organisation digitally transform. Organisations using ServiceNow's KPMG Powered Enterprise approach face less risk and can get more value from internal processes and procedures. We combine decades of knowledge and experience in business processes, technology, industries and the ServiceNow platform.

With the ServiceNow platform, we offer the following solutions/capabilities:

Enterprise Service Management

Your employees increasingly expect a personalised approach and high user convenience when going through internal processes and procedures. More needs to be offered than just efficient, effective, and process-oriented experiences. A platform that connects employees across different departments (such as IT, Finance and HR) becomes indispensable, with the aim of providing an experience tailored to the individual employee's unique role, demographics, and circumstances.

IT Service Management

KPMG has proven expertise in radically transforming both IT and the wider business operations using the ServiceNow platform. Our professionals have the functional and technical competences you need to develop and rapidly implement particularly powerful business transformation programmes using the ServiceNow platform.

IT Business Management (ITBM)

Your organisation is looking for a new way to focus work tasks and processes where they have the greatest impact. It is important to understand exactly where the work takes place, how to manage demand and redirect the flow of expenditure to critical areas, plus how to accelerate 'time to value' and increase productivity. Using ServiceNow ITBM, KPMG professionals can support you in identifying how IT should be managed as a business. By linking this to IT Operational Management (ITOM), your IT team can quickly realise operational value. 

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

To keep your portfolio of IT assets up to date, you need an accurate overview – a reliable overview that shows where assets are, who is using them and what they cost your organisation. KPMG professionals can help you manage your IT assets more effectively using ServiceNow ITAM. Your assets will have an automated IT lifecycle, tracking information such as contractual terms and financial costs. With KPMG and ServiceNow, ITAM streamlines your asset management.

Cyber Security Operations (SecOps) and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Information security presents an endless stream of unprecedented challenges and risks. KPMG understands these risks and what it takes to implement the right SecOps and GRC programme. We help to develop an accurate vision and roadmap that match your ambitions and goals and can quickly implement your transformation journey using the ServiceNow platform. 

HR Service Delivery

Many legacy HR systems struggle with a plethora of checklists, e-mail validations, phone calls and various other manual procedures that slow down productivity and consume time and money. KPMG can help you implement HR Service Management. HRSM automates standard HR processes, tracks requests and monitors progress, making HR cost-efficient. 

Customer Service Management

Providing customers with the best experience is a prerequisite for success. KPMG and ServiceNow can help you provide a worry-free customer experience, connect teams to resolve issues, and proactively prevent the need for service calls. We can help you to digitally transform your customer service by connecting departments, workflows, and systems. This can proactively resolve customer issues and provide a personalised customer experience, while automating and reducing caseloads.

The partnership between KPMG and ServiceNow

KPMG is a Global Elite Partner, ServiceNow's highest level of partnership. We help our clients to reduce complexity by turning information into value. Within its business alliance with ServiceNow, KPMG provides consulting and implementation services to ServiceNow customers. KPMG has supported many organisations during their digital transformation of service management processes.