Digitalization within the healthcare sector is crucial for addressing contemporary challenges. These challenges encompass capacity shortages, an expanding and increasingly intricate demand for healthcare services, and the imperative to control healthcare costs. Advancing digitalization holds the potential to yield a substantial impact. It enables the transition from hospital-centric care to more localized care: within communities, at patients' residences – additionally bolstering patient self-sufficiency.

ServiceNow in the Healthcare Sector

The ServiceNow platform is renowned for its innovation and flexibility, exceptional integration capabilities, and a high degree of workflow automation. This system seamlessly interfaces with both your existing and new IT solutions.

In today's healthcare sector, digitization transcends being merely a trend; it has become an imperative. ServiceNow stands for a solution addressing the needs of both healthcare providers and patients. It streamlines critical support processes, such as onboarding of new employees, IT, and HR, culminating in a seamless patient experience. Your healthcare institution can effortlessly enhance and integrate existing portals and applications with cutting-edge digital solutions.

ServiceNow is catalyzing a transformation in the healthcare sector. By streamlining processes and automating routine tasks, healthcare providers can operate more efficiently and prioritize patient care. The platform is indispensable for healthcare establishments committed to achieving digital transformation. With capabilities ranging from incident management to service requests, ServiceNow guarantees swift responses and heightened patient contentment. KPMG and ServiceNow collaboratively champion what truly matters in healthcare: exceptional patient care.

Benefits of ServiceNow in Healthcare

  • Improved efficiency: ServiceNow automates routine processes and streamlines workflows, allowing healthcare workers to spend more time delivering direct patient care rather than on administrative tasks.
  • Better patient satisfaction: With ServiceNow, healthcare institutions can respond to service requests and incidents more quickly. This leads to faster resolutions, thereby increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Regulatory compliance: ServiceNow assists healthcare institutions in regulatory compliance by providing tools for data management, reporting, and auditing. This ensures transparency and reduces the risk of fines.
  • Enhanced collaboration: ServiceNow makes it easy to share information across different departments and teams. This promotes collaboration, care coordination, and results in better patient care.
  • Digital transformation: ServiceNow aids healthcare institutions in their digital transformation by enabling them to transition from manual and paper-based processes to automated and digital workflows. This improves overall operational efficiency and patient service.

Transitioning to ServiceNow in Healthcare

KPMG is well-equipped to guide healthcare institutions through the implementation of ServiceNow, offering a comprehensive range of services including strategic planning, process design, and change management. The KPMG team excels in tailoring bespoke solutions that are finely attuned to the distinctive requirements of each healthcare entity. Our portfolio extends to providing training programs aimed at enabling staff to proficiently harness the capabilities of ServiceNow. Moreover, leveraging its extensive expertise in regulatory affairs and compliance, KPMG stands ready to assist healthcare establishments in fulfilling all statutory obligations throughout and subsequent to the ServiceNow implementation process.

In addition to our recognition as the ‘2023 ServiceNow Worldwide Transformation Partner of the Year’, we are also proud of our second consecutive acknowledgment as the ‘2023 ServiceNow Worldwide Industry Solutions – Healthcare Partner of the Year’. This recognition has been conferred due to our ongoing dedication to leading innovations within the industry, achieving significant outcomes for our valued clients, and significantly enhancing the patient experience in healthcare.

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