The Powered GBS solution can benefit the entire organisation. We’re going to deep dive into three core GBS personas and explore how they draw down on the benefits of Powered GBS.

GBS Customers

  • Single platform to carry out and request all daily operational needs – integration with source systems e.g. ERP;
  • Increased customer experience and satisfaction – hyper personalization across standardised processes;
  • Greater speed to value – less time straddled with administrative tasks;
  • Increased Right First Time (RFT) processing through enhanced automation leading to less re-work;
  • Reduced offline back and forth with GBS team members and;
  • Carry out requests any time /anywhere through mobile app.

GBS Professionals

  • Increased transparency through individual and team workspaces i.e. ultimate role and task execution clarity;
  • Reduced error rates through task automation and workflow orchestration;
  • Single view of the truth enabled by end-to-end processes;
  • More capacity freed up to focus on value adding work and onboard new services;
  • Increased collaboration between team members and customers (inc. BPO);
  • Greater employee experience – no need to toggle between multiple systems and communication channels and;
  • Realtime view of task/activity success and productivity e.g., SLAs, KPIs etc.

GBS Leaders

  • Greater operational visibility through all meaningful GBS data and MI being available real time; productivity, volumetrics, operations success, customer/employee satisfaction;
  • Better ability to understand drivers of effort and aid faster and more accurate decision making e.g. Potential changes to chargeback models, Tailoring of BPO gainshare agreements, Service delivery and resourcing requirements;
  • Increased credibility across the business – better ability to get a seat at the table and drive real value and;
  • Manage on-the-go through mobile dashboarding and reporting.


  • We hope this three part blog series has given you an introduction and insight into the Powered GBS solution. For further information, please visit KPMG Services website Powered GBS.