Business services organizations exist to serve the needs of their organization and are increasingly layering more diverse, value-adding services to their portfolio. Many of these organizations are characterized by complex organizational and system landscapes that users struggle to navigate, and agents struggle to operate within. The result is to degrade user experiences, tarnish the brand of the business services organization, and create inefficiencies, which can lead to operating complexity and challenges driving out costs. Within this environment, business services leaders are being challenged to further drive out costs and deliver meaningful business outcomes — all while improving the experience for users.

Transform your business services user experience

The Powered Global Business Services (GBS) proposition focuses on organizations grappling with these challenges and puts ServiceNow enablement at the heart of the solution. Building upon a strong and well-established track record in IT service management, the capabilities of ServiceNow extend beyond ticketing and case management and can, when harnessed correctly, help make a step change to the way individuals engage and act within a business services organization to deliver significant value.

Imagine your business services organisation with:

  1. A single unified portal for employees and customers engaging with GBS, with data-driven personalisation functionality.
  2. A single system of action (ServiceNow), which helps drive engagement by elevating users out of the myriad of complex systems of record.
  3. Mobile and self-service enablement to help deflect cases and free up agents’ time.
  4. ServiceNow utilized reporting capabilities to automate operational performance measurement and reporting to help drive the customer service culture.
  5. Complex cross-functional enabled workflows on ServiceNow, automating step, integrating with systems of record and providing end-to-end visibility.

What is in the box?

Powered Enterprise provides you with three integrated elements for transformational success. Using our tried and tested operating model, implementation suite of tools and ongoing evolution services you can choose your desired functional outcomes then make them a reality.

Why Powered?

Build agile functions based on leading practices that evolve as you grow.

Help your people adopt and embrace change.

Exploit the best technologies for value and performance to transform the way you run your business.

Optimise service delivery and use of data for competitive advantage.

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