Digitizing business processes is essential for creating a sustainable competitive advantage in a changing hyper-technological environment. Efficient process execution can lead to lower costs, faster turnaround times, and increased customer satisfaction. Organizations face the challenge of digitizing and optimizing processes End-to-End (E2E), while the normal process execution will have to continue. Based on improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, Robotics, and Intelligent Automation technologies, KPMG supports organizations in meeting this challenge.

Process improvement through bundling of technologies

The 'Digital Stack' is a bundle of technologies that can be deployed on top of your organization's ERP system to digitize and achieve process improvement. It includes technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), various 'Intelligent Automation' technologies, such as Process Intelligence, Chatbots and Machine Learning, as well as comprehensive solutions such as Low Code BPM applications and complete Point-to-Point solutions for specific processes such as AP automation.

Individually, a Digital Stack solution can already provide added value, but through collaboration between the different technologies, processes can be even better integrated. Based on Process Intelligence, you gain more insights into your operations. These insights can be used to automate repetitive tasks through RPA or Cognitive Automation, allowing employees to focus on more complex tasks. Or you can build specialized apps via Low Code BPM that your current ERP does not support to gain more control over your process output. Intelligent Automation solutions, such as Chatbots, Machine Learning, and AI, offer an innovative edge to future-proof your processes. In addition, specific Point-to-Point solutions, that combine many of the technologies mentioned above into one product, can also be used to support your process optimally.

How KPMG can help you?

The Digital Process Excellence team helps identify process improvement opportunities, offers advice and supports the implementation of new technologies, and optimizes the digital experience for your employees and customers. We use improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, Design Thinking, and Digital Stack strategy development. We provide advice and work with you to realize the End-to-End process solution for your specific challenge, supported by the development of your business case and the realization of a quick return on investment.

In addition, we have specialized consultants with extensive experience in the various technologies of the Digital Stack. The Digital Stack solution often consists of different digital solutions; each focused on addressing bottlenecks in your processes. Combining and deploying the Digital Stack solutions will enhance their mutual value to give your organization a digital boost.

We use the 'Powered Enterprise' methodology. 'Powered Enterprise' is the solution of choice for fast process optimization. This methodology combines KPMG's years of experience in implementations, functional transformations and our knowledge of the latest (cloud) technologies. The result is a formula for promoting sustainable change, increasing your organization's performance, and adding value.

Digital process optimization for sustainable progress

At KPMG, we aim to make a sustainable contribution to society and humanity. That is why we take a holistic approach during our process optimization projects and consider the entire system. In addition to financial benefits and improvements in customer journeys, we also consider the social and ecological impact of each process optimization. Every process that becomes simpler, clearer, and/or more efficient has the potential to – in addition to alleviating the operational complexities for the people involved – reduce the environmental impact for society as a whole. With this mindset, we achieve dual benefits for our clients and make sustainability even profitable.

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