Process Intelligence enables process owners to monitor, improve and control processes in a data-driven manner. This generates valuable real-time insights about process execution and uncovers the root causes of bottlenecks. This enables immediate decisions and actions to be taken through automation, Machine Learning, AI or workflow management.

What value does it bring to your organization?

Process Intelligence provides organizations with the necessary manageability and fact-based insights needed to enable teams to continuously improve, monitor and control their business processes. Fact-based and real-time process insights enable organizations to effectively deploy digital technologies and quickly respond to circumstances and opportunities.

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The savings and effects of Process Intelligence can be achieved in a variety of business functions and a variety of KPIs. From achieving cost efficiency to reducing carbon footprint and other ESG indicators.

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How KPMG can help you?

For the successful implementation of Process Intelligence, for example an Execution Management platform, the components below are important. For each of these components KPMG can support you to realize this for your implementation. KPMG has a proven track record in Process Intelligence within various sectors and supports organizations from vendor selection to implementation. KPMG combines data and technology expertise with Lean Six Sigma approaches to deliver practical insights with exceptional value for your organization.

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