Artificial intelligence is a game-changing technology, offering innovative ways to engage users and generate content with deeper insights. It is opening up entirely new avenues for improving experiences, delivering new value streams and transforming business models. KPMG combines our deep industry expertise and advanced technical skills to help business leaders harness the power of AI to accelerate time-to-value in a trusted manner – from strategy and design through implementation and ongoing operations.

How AI-driven organisations accelerate

To unlock the full potential of AI, organisations must commit to ambitious goals, driven by a strategic mindset focused on achieving significant milestones. Genuine AI-driven organisations embody a spirit of pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and exploring limitless possibilities to create enduring, boundless value.

Furthermore, AI should enhance human potential, not replace it. Achieving great AI success demands human ingenuity and creativity, with human leadership an important part of the process to guide individuals through transformative change. Moreover, establishing trust among employees, customers and stakeholders is key to make meaningful progress. Transparent practices, ethical considerations and regulatory compliance are essential in building a trustworthy foundation to propel the organisation forward in its journey to harness the power of artificial intelligence.

Our AI services

There is no time to waste in starting or continuing your AI journey. AI is transforming the world in which we live – impacting many aspects of everyday life, business and society. We help organisations harness the transformative power of AI, while ensuring its ethical and responsible use. We are here to support you and to bring you up to speed in using AI. 

AI Workshop

Do you need to concretize the possibilities of AI on your organization? Or do you want to discover what actions you need to take to set up your organization with and for AI responsibly, sustainably and human-centered?

KPMG is happy to help you further in this interactive and customized AI workshop. In the Insights Center at KPMG in Amstelveen, together with your team and the KPMG AI experts, you will work on different use cases from your sector, dive into the world of AI and set up practical guidelines for reliable and qualitative AI adoption. 

The KPMG AI principles

Within KPMG, our approach to AI includes foundational principles that guide our aspirations in this space, demonstrating our commitment to using it responsibly and ethically:


AI is key to unlocking exciting new opportunities and new revenue streams to drive sustainable growth. At KPMG we are committed to helping organizations navigate the opportunities, challenges, long-term impact and value of AI.


Organizations should use AI to bolster human intelligence not replace it. At KPMG we prioritize human impact as we deploy AI, focusing on improving the employee experience and empowering people to embrace tech to unleash creativity and improve productivity. Ultimately opening up new career paths.


As AI scales, it is introducing complexity and risks that organizations need to address clearly and responsibly. KPMG Artificial Intelligence Services is our strategic approach and framework for designing, building and using AI in a responsible and ethical manner. We will adhere to our principles and the ethical pillars that guide how we use AI across its lifecycle.

We recognize that the field of AI is rapidly evolving — and so is our approach. As the technology advances and legal, ethical, risk and regulatory standards mature, we will continue to review and evolve our approach as necessary.

KPMG's AI framework: how we drive principles into practice

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world in which we live—impacting many aspects of everyday life, business and society. KPMG helps organizations utilize the transformative power of AI, including its ethical and responsible use.

As KPMG harnesses the power of AI and accelerates adoption, we recognize that advanced technologies can introduce complexity and AI risks that should be addressed clearly and responsibly.

KPMG AI Services is our strategic approach and framework to designing, building, deploying and using AI strategies and solutions in a responsible and ethical manner so we can accelerate value with confidence. As you need several different areas of expertise to make AI work for your organisation, we have created the AI Ignition Centre of Expertise

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