The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating and is permeating every aspect of society. This technology is having a significant impact on the economy and increasingly influencing our lives. This presents tremendous opportunities, but at the same time raises questions about how the technology works and the reliability of its outcomes.

The advantages of artificial intelligence

Meanwhile, real-life experience has already shown that more than half of large organisations have perceived a positive impact following the further digitisation of their business processes and the deployment of AI. Artificial intelligence has the capacity to perform complex tasks and perform data-based actions, make predictions and even make autonomous choices. It can add value in your organisation in the areas of:

artificial intelligence driven

Adding value with Artificial Intelligence

How do you get started with AI within your organisation? How do you deal with the various questions that arise around ethics, data, privacy, strategy or change management?

It is difficult for many organisations to shape the complete artificial intelligence journey themselves. The experts within KPMG’s Artificial Intelligence Services understand the challenges and can help organisations harness the full potential of AI, while ensuring that trust and ethics remain paramount. Get in touch with one of our experts or schedule an inspirationsession directly.

Our insights

With the increasing use of artificial intelligence, as well as the complexity of the technology, it is not surprising that organisations are growing in need of knowledge, expertise and insight around how AI works. We have listed the key insights for you below.

AI and Business processes & Optimization

AI and Culture & Change

AI and Ethics & Privacy

AI and Regulation & Compliance

Generative AI

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