KPMG’s tech report found a resilient, forward-looking attitude among global technology professionals. Companies are enthusiastic about disruptive new tools and determined to further embrace ongoing digital transformation to revolutionize the customer experience.

Digital-transformation triumphs are positioning today’s businesses to face future uncertainty with a confident spirit. In fact, 99 percent of organizations saw an improvement in profitability or performance from their digital transformation investments.

Data and the opportunity for IT

In this report we examine what KPMG professionals are witnessing today as the accelerating drivers of change. One important trend we see is the growing importance of data. IT’s focus will shift from application development and operations to delivering insights that create real value. Data maturity is also closely correlated with business performance. Those organizations reporting that they are leaders in data and analytics are at least three times more likely to report an increase in revenue, and about two times more likely to report an increase in profit, compared to organizations that are laggards in this space.

The value associated with data maturity is fueling greater investment as organizations seek to capitalize on this trend, seeing investments in data management and data platforms on the rise. Achieving data maturity is proving to be a challenge, however. Regulatory and compliance requirements create new challenges and many organizations experience challenges in moving from ‘use case’ success to comprehensive, enterprise-wide data management and analytical capabilities. In summary, IT’s role will likely evolve IT resourcing from its historical focus on application development and operations to data management that enables the power and advantages of advanced analytics and emerging AI solutions.

Trends in IT

Download the paper to discover a critical look at key trends that are likely to shape the IT leader’s agenda in the next three to five years. The paper identifies six prevailing trends:

  • IT faces new pressures to do more — faster and better
  • Creative solutions are needed to recruit and retain IT Talent
  • What XaaS acceleration means for IT
  • Data and the opportunity for IT
  • The ever-growing pressure of cyber threats
  • ESG and the role of IT