Bart Veenman

Senior Manager

KPMG in the Netherlands

Experienced AI, Gen AI and (e)Commerce professional who creates business value with innovative and people-driven solutions, specialized in customer engagement, digital strategy and data & analytics. With more than 15 years of experience in management, marketing, digital commerce, disruptive technology and innovation, I am Senior Manager AI at KPMG. I have a double Master of Science degree in Business Administration and Communications from the University of Amsterdam and am passionate about harnessing the power of AI to transform businesses and society.

My focus at KPMG is to guide organizations in their AI transformations, enabling them to find the best AI opportunities with the highest business value, setting an ethical standard and based on clear, quality and transparent data infrastructures, plus activation of thorough adoption and people processes. In previous roles, I was responsible for all business operations, including sales, marketing, partnerships and customer success, delivering AI solutions and transformation projects for global organizations within healthcare, HR, retail and public sector, among others. Lead global teams of marketing, e-commerce and tech professionals, developing teams and resources and aligning business goals with cultural preferences.

I also lead AI-powered video production tools for marketing and e-commerce. I have successfully launched and scaled multiple products and services in the AI ​​and synthetic media space, such as the AI ​​Guide and Marketplace, the AI ​​Video Editor, and the AI ​​Video Generator. I have also established strategic partnerships and collaborations with leading organizations and influencers in the industry.

  • Master of Science Communication Science

  • Master of Science Business Studies

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • AI for Good

  • AI Transformation

  • AI strategy

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