It is difficult for organizations to harness the transformative power of AI, while ensuring that the use of it remains ethical and responsible. We understand your challenges and are here to help you with this journey. As you need several different areas of expertise to make AI work for your organisation, we have created the AI Ignition Centre of Expertise. You have access to all the necessary KPMG expertise as mentioned in the overview below.

Change management

AI implementations often involve significant organizational and cultural change. We will help you to fearlessly adapt and integrate AI through effective change management, training, operational model design and governance.

Strategise and plan

An AI strategy begins with an assessment of people, processes, data and technologies, and lays the groundwork to adapt and scale AI capabilities, including how to embed into your IT portfolio.

Future of work

AI will radically transform business models and the future of work. Our AI services can extend to workforce shaping strategies, ensuring that employees thrive in an AI-centric environment.

Ideate and incubate

From blue-sky brainstorming to functional proofs of concept, in our AI workshop we help you crystallise your AI strategy, incubate solutions and develop a prioritised roadmap of AI use cases that address specific pain points to capitalise on growth opportunities and lay the Data & Analytics foundations.

Trusted AI

From strategy and design through to implementation and ongoing operations, our Trusted AI practice is geared to handle the associated risks posed by AI, including trust, compliance, security, privacy and ethical concerns.

Implement and activate

Our industry-leading domain experts and modern technologists have extensive experience with both AI and the Data & Analytics platforms you're likely to integrate. They start and end with reliability and data quality to help ensure your AI solution delivers on its promise and within Trusted AI guidelines.

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