Successful businesses use Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) as a tool to achieve their commercial and strategic objectives. But what exactly is EPM?

EPM is about improving operational management and the associated supply of information for the benefit of internal management and external accountability. This is done by translating the company strategy to a timetable, reporting on it and making adjustments where necessary. EPM is therefore a broad term, the most important pillars of which are explained below.

Integrated Business & Financial Planning/Budgeting, Planning & (rolling) Forecasting are about the way in which a company is able to translate strategy into a (financial and operational) plan. Integrated business planning involves working in silos less and making use of the insight and knowledge within the organisation in order to achieve optimum planning. This allows you to efficiently and effectively coordinate the processes within your company and deliver your strategy. Our professionals within EPM can support you in designing this process and are very familiar with the available opportunities to support it with technology.

In order to maintain a grip on your company’s plans, Consolidation, Reporting & Disclosure Management provides the insights required to successfully manage and make adjustments. 

Dimensional Cost & Profitability Management helps you gain insight into the cost price and returns per product. Identifying the causal links between the resources and products within your organisation serves to shed light on the cost price. This will make clear how effectively and efficiently your organisation is operating and which products are profitable and which are loss-making. By zooming in on this you can address and improve the underlying causes! Our professionals can support you in drawing up a cost price model and are familiar with multiple forms of tooling.

The three important pillars within EPM are listed above. In line with the three pillars, we can support you with issues around working capital & cash management, strategy mapping, standard charts or accounts and digital accounting manuals. In order to give EPM the place it deserves within your organisation, we support companies with end-to-end implementations of EPM systems in which all of the above aspects are covered.