External and internal developments mean there is a lot of pressure on the traditional tooling and structure of HR. But this pressure also offers opportunities. By taking a broader perspective on the workforce, HR can play an important role in transformation pathways within organisations.

In order to meet the challenges associated with new developments, the new HR function needs to be modified to make it more project-based, agile and digital, whilst reducing operating costs.

Important questions for HR professionals and executives in this regard are:

  • How should the workforce be reconfigured?
  • How can we obtain more empirical support for our policy?
  • Which changes to the workforce will create value?
  • What is the best way to optimise digitisation in HR?
  • How can we better manage risks and regulations?
  • How can we optimise our Service Delivery Model?
  • How can we integrate the experiences of employees?
  • How can we support staff in embracing changes and accepting new working methods?

KPMG Powered Enterprise HR offers an impressive combination of leading practices and processes, proven technological solutions and a next-generation delivery framework:

Powered Target Operating Model – determines how the transformation proceeds through every layer of your organisation.

Powered Execution Suite – is an integrated platform of next-generation tools that deliver a functional transformation.

Powered Evolution – offers access to specialist tools to promote constant change.

Our integrated Powered HR solution offers:

  • a rapid start to the digital transformation of your HR function;
  • immediate access to leading practices and processes in the field of HR;
  • validated solutions which have been proven in practice;
  • reduced risks in the implementation of solutions and a higher ROI;
  • personalised change management and transformation of the workforce;
  • a solid platform for further evolution and progress.

Powered Enterprise HR delivers real results

KPMG has supported an international hospital with HR issues.

"Thanks to Powered Enterprise from KPMG, we are developing a concrete perspective on the future. We can then compare that to what we already have in-house, and take the next step with the benefit of industry-leading practical experience.”