In recent years, the number of self-employed people in the Netherlands has been rising steadily. Many of these people do not have disability insurance. Acture Insurance, founded in 2019, developed an insurance offering specifically for this target group. A gap in the market, you might suppose. But after a year, it turned out that the results fell short of expectations, so the proposition needed to be looked at again. Maudie Derks, CEO of Acture recalls: "It seemed like an ABC when we started. We thought 'everyone in the target group understands our offer'. But after a year, even though we had obviously thought about our proposition, we noticed that our assumptions around this were not sufficient. We had neither formulated our proposition sharply enough nor empathised with the target group in sufficient detail. So real growth failed to materialise."

Acture Insurance asked KPMG to help sharpen the proposition and develop a sustainable go-to-market strategy.

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