Justin Black

Senior Business Development Manager KPMG Cyber & Privacy

KPMG in the Netherlands

As a Senior Manager at KPMG Advisory Netherlands, Justin spearheads Cyber and Privacy Business Development, Commercial, and Marketing efforts. With a background in Aviation Maintenance, he served in the US Marine Corps, focusing on Defensive Electronic Countermeasures for fixed-wing aircraft. After furthering his education at HAN University, he facilitated European expansion for North American manufacturers at EuroDev. Justin later rejoined the cybersecurity field with UL's Transaction Security team and then held a key role at Riscure B.V., focusing on new business acquisitions. His areas of expertise include Cyber Security, Privacy Services, Mobile Security, Hardware Security, Automotive, Payments, Lead Generation, Marketing, and Business Development.

  • Cyber Security, Privacy Services

  • International Business Development, Automotive

  • Mobile Security, Marketing

  • Hardware Security, Payments

  • Lead Generation

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