The rules of engagement in cybersecurity are constantly shifting. Criminal gangs and nation-states are using new technologies, including AI, to exploit new attack routes while still using old, reliable solutions. While prevention remains a high priority, many leaders acknowledge that cyberattacks will succeed despite the best defenses. Rapid detection, response and recovery matter more than ever to help limit damage and rebuild effectively to increase resilience.

Cyber resilience is vital to maintain business operational capabilities, safeguard customer trust, and reduce the impact of future attacks. Regulators worldwide are also increasingly focused on cyber resilience, obliging organizations to be more transparent about their ability to respond to breaches before, during and after an incident.

The goal after a breach is not just to get the organization back on its feet but to build it back stronger than before, less vulnerable to future attacks, more secure and more resilient. In this eBook, KPMG professionals share hard-won lessons which are intended to help organizations confidently and proactively address cyber threats, recover from cyber incidents — and emerge stronger.

Explore key steps to help you recover from a cyberattack, rebuild effectively and avoid complacency

1 Define your criticality — it’s all about the business

2 Focus on what matters — that may surprise you

3 Be clear on who is doing what — and help them succeed

4 Communicate — with timeliness, clarity and consistency — to all who need to know

5 Pause for reflection — even in the worst moments

6 Be adaptable — and realize the playbook may be wrong

7 Know when the crisis is over — and move on quickly but carefully

1 Be honest about what has happened — and learn from it

2 Build resilience — and keep improving

3 Clean up — data and applications

4 It’s organization-wide — not just one team’s role

5 Understand your supply chain — and its role in your resilience

6 Use retainers — to quickly access the skills you need

7 The world changes — don’t assume today’s challenges are tomorrow’s

8 But most of all — stay vigilant

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