Looking to build your organization’s cyber & data privacy capabilities and awareness? KPMG’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Academy can help you out. With threats becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated, it is critical for organizations of all sizes and industries to take proactive measures to protect their assets and maintain their reputation. 

Build a culture of cyber and data privacy awareness

Our training empowers your employees to recognize potential threats, implement best practices for security and data privacy, and respond effectively to incidents or breaches. It also helps you comply with regulatory requirements and demonstrate your commitment to protecting sensitive information. Trust KPMG to help you build a culture of cyber and data privacy awareness and safeguard your organization's future.

Explore our training curriculum below and contact our experts directly for more information.

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Training offerings

Duration: 3 days

The Espionage Awareness Course provides a unique opportunity to gain insight into insider risk and espionage tactics used to intercept sensitive information. Through a series of interactive exercises, participants will have the opportunity to experience what it's like to be a government operative seeking intellectual property.

Duration: Tailored

For any incident that could hit your organization, exercising is an effective way to be fully prepared. With our realistic cyber crisis training sessions, your IT leadership as well as operational staff/first responders experience a simulated incident and learn how to respond to cyber threats.

We offer a diverse range of cyber training, focusing both on an operational and a strategic level. Our training scenarios can be tailor-made to your specific requirements. 

Duration: 7.5 days

KPMG offers training and education services for Operational Technology (OT) security to help organizations mitigate risks associated with IT and OT system convergence. Their programs cover risk assessment, vulnerability management, incident response, and compliance, with examples including ICS security and SCADA security training, cybersecurity awareness for industrial employees, and executive/board member cybersecurity training. KPMG's OT security training programs help organizations build an effective strategy aligned with business objectives and risk management priorities.

Depending on the target audience, the simulation format can range from a table-top format based on a fictitious scenario to a customized and contextualized real-life scenario hitting your own infrastructure and crown jewels with ‘real malware’ and engaging all involved teams in your organization and testing your specific crisis-handling procedures.

During the simulation, different events and incidents are unfolded. Decisions taken by the participants determine the direction the crisis develops into. 

Duration: 2 hours

This is a tailored workshop enriched by a combination of a KPMG expert and a light online CMA assessment for the three lines of defense within the client’s organization. 

Our experts use their expertise and the results to identify key information (e.g., current maturity, key difference between stakeholders, performance), so we can provide guided alignment discussions and next steps to reach security goals. 

This tailored solution helps organizations create a culture of cybersecurity awareness and responsibility among all levels of employees. 

Our integrated approach to create your own security awareness programs includes measures to make employees ready, willing, and able to take responsibility for security. We collaborate closely with our clients to assess, prepare, and deliver learning programs; knowledge transfer that creates a sustainable model for behavioral change. This ensures current project results while making the client self-supportive for future awareness initiatives. 

KPMG offers a range of services to help clients create a culture of cybersecurity awareness and responsibility among all employees, including security awareness assessments, training programs, program design, program management, metrics and reporting, and more.

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