Customers are becoming more demanding and their demand is becoming more dynamic. This is a challenge as organizations need to become more customer-centric while at the same time stay flexible to act on changing business conditions and cost efficiency.

Organizations now often have a patchwork of – outdated – ERP & CRM systems, caused by, for example, acquisitions or mergers in the past. This hinders their business operations, flexibility and growth. Many companies therefore expect to make serious investments in ERP & CRM in the coming years in order to be resilient for the constantly changing business conditions.

Resulting in a growing need for organizations to fully exploit the potential of Microsoft technologies such as D365, AI, Power Platforms, Azure Cloud and Azure Data Services (Data Lake, Power BI, Azure Machine Learning).

An optimally functioning Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) and Customer engagement solution (CRM) is an important basis for enabling the growth based on D365. 

Enabling Microsoft technology for an intelligent organization

We see the need for a Microsoft platform that enables the intelligent enterprise and operational excellence:

  • Improve customer centricity and use technology to win, serve and retain customers
  • Increase operational excellence and the flexibility of our business and IT
  • Support international expansion and work to One ERP/CRM standard
  • Migrate and/or consolidate legacy (end of life) ERP and CRM systems
  • Respond to risks and comply with regulations
  • The move from On Prem to the Azure Cloud
  • Improve the ERP landscape for cost efficiency and enable new tech innovation opportunities
  • Ensure real-time and reliable data insights to enable a data-driven mindset
  • Support new business models with new products and services

A solid Microsoft Platform in the Azure Cloud is the base to transform your organization into a more digital, insight-driven way of working supported by (highly) standardized processes and a modern ERP/CRM, supported by the Power Platform and Data & Analytics.

The Microsoft cloud offers this comprehensive offering of connected industry-leading clouds to drive digital transformation. The Microsoft Cloud is at the core of KPMG’s Connected, Powered & Trusted portfolio. KPMG’s response to Digital Transformation is:

Direct access to KPMG experts

We help you with implementing Microsoft technology where business issues, technology and the human factor work well together. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists has decades of experience with ERP & CRM processes, industry knowledge and insight into the latest applications from Microsoft Dynamics, Power platform, Azure Data Services, among others.

Furthermore  we provide independent advice on the selection of the right packages and modules, guide strategic issues and support you in optimizing and redesigning your IT systems, data driven decisions and transformation to the Cloud.

Our MCI (Microsoft Consulting & Innovation) team can help you in accelerating your digital transformation while using Microsoft technology with the following services : 

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