In today's market, 'cloud' is becoming increasingly commonplace. Organisations evaluate their own application landscapes to determine whether they still meet the organisation's digital and strategic objectives, and to what extent cloud can and should play a role in this. This often leads to the conclusion that optimisation is possible and that transformation projects should be initiated.

Transformation projects, aimed at implementing business applications (such as an ERP or CRM, and apps or other solutions), come in many shapes and sizes. These types of projects can be straightforward, but can just as easily involve a high degree of complexity, noting that even seemingly simple solutions can present challenges.

Efficient and pragmatic transformation approach

Our team can help and has the in-depth knowledge and experience to support your organisation to successfully implement the transformation project, from the moment a business application strategy and 'roadmap' are prepared to the moment the implementation project is completed.

Our team can support in various ways. Roughly speaking, this can be divided into the following three topics:

  •   Support in drafting and executing a Business Application strategy, in which you determine for instance why a transformation project should be started, and for what purpose. We can also provide support in drafting and executing a Business Application roadmap, which, among other things, defines the activities to be performed prior to an implementation;
  •   It may well be that your organisation conducts projects to a limited extent. This requires a different way of working, which is often different from day-to-day operations. During the transformation project, we can support you by filling roles or guiding you in this. From programme/project management to workflow management within the project itself (e.g. testing, data migration and quality);

If you want to keep a good grip on your transformation project, and doubt whether this is possible given the setup of your current project, extra attention could be given to reviewing quality so that areas of concern emerge sooner, making adjustments possible. Our experienced experts can support you in this.

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Colin Hanekamp 

Partner, Microsoft

KPMG in the Netherlands

Roeland Huijser

Senior Manager, Microsoft

KPMG in the Netherlands

Mark Scheurwater

Director, Microsoft 

KPMG in the Netherlands


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