Sustainability reporting is gaining more attention and more importance. It is also becoming increasingly regulated in some jurisdictions. To complicate matters further, the nature of reporting on sustainability requirements changes depending on the audience – regulators, stakeholders and internal managers – all need different information at differing frequencies to fulfil their sustainability roles effectively.

KPMG Powered Enterprise Sustainability aims to help you tackle increasing complexity and the need for regulatory assurance, while addressing key questions, such as:

  • How to navigate the requirements of regulators, rating agencies and investors?
  • How to process the double materiality model and identify what is ‘material to the business’?
  • How to leverage technology to collect and manage your environmental data and demonstrate auditable results?
  • How to meet the needs of the C-Suite (who will each be looking at sustainability through different lenses)?

Choose to professionalize your sustainability reporting

KPMG firms have worked with sustainability teams around the world to help drive transformation and automation of their sustainability reporting. Powered Sustainability does this by providing a framework, firstly for determining what an organization needs to do to be compliant, and secondly by incorporating the technology enabled by Microsoft to efficiently collate the necessary data to feed the reporting process.

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Professionalizing sustainability reporting using technology

Find out more about our sustainability transformation capabilities.

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KPMG Powered Enterprise Sustainability can help deliver:

  • The ability to start with a model answer to sustainability reporting.
  • A framework for the three key layers of reporting – external, regulatory and internal (management).
  • Technology to provide double materiality assessment, maturity assessment and a detailed sustainability data map.
  • Leading sustainability reporting practice, validated with tested real-world usability.
  • A platform to help evolve to meet changing needs and regulations.

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