KPMG is collaborating with Microsoft in the field of data and AI, and we are thrilled to announce that KPMG firms are using Microsoft Fabric to power data-led solutions.

In July, we announced a landmark agreement with Microsoft to put artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront of professional services. KPMG and Microsoft professionals are continuing to work closely together to use the latest Microsoft technology innovations to help put clients at the forefront of the AI revolution, creating scalable, secure and responsible AI solutions that help organizations transform their data into insights and actions. As part of this effort, we have been collaborating on the early adoption of Microsoft Fabric to power our next generation of data and AI solutions, and we’re excited to see this technology move into general availability.

Data is the fuel for AI

Artificial intelligence is transforming every industry and sector, creating new opportunities and challenges for businesses and organizations. AI can help optimize processes, enhance customer experiences, generate insights, and drive innovation. But to unleash the full potential of AI, you need a robust data and AI deployment platform that can manage the volume, variety and velocity of data that AI requires in safe and trustworthy manner.

Data is critical to succeed with AI, it provides the raw material for training and testing AI models, as well as for monitoring and improving their performance over time. Data is not just produced, but is the hook into directing and improving every digital process across an organization. Data also helps to ensure that AI solutions align with business objectives and the customer needs, and that they deliver value and impact across the organization. Without data, AI solutions would be ineffective, inaccurate and irrelevant.

Data and AI are not only essential for innovation and differentiation, but also for creating tangible business outcomes and competitive advantages. According to the KPMG global tech report 2023, 66% of respondents have seen data and analytics efforts pay back in improvement on performance or profitability over the past 12 months. Most respondents also expect AI and machine learning to be the most important technology to achieve their business goals over the next 3 years. However, the report highlights some key challenges, with data silos being one of the biggest issues. That is where Microsoft Fabric’s innovative lake-centric and open approach becomes extremely powerful.

Building next generation data and AI solutions with Microsoft Fabric

KPMG firms are using Microsoft Fabric to power our next generation of data and AI solutions and services, such as KPMG Powered Enterprise Data and Analytics enabled by Microsoft, which helps organizations accelerate their data and AI journey and achieve business outcomes faster. KPMG Powered Enterprise combines the power of leading practice with pre-built digital assets to help clients transform their business functions. This solution is designed to bring to life the data and analytics target operating model with a series of technical and functional assets to help clients accelerate their data and AI journeys.

KPMG firms are also using Microsoft Fabric as the enabler for KPMG Powered Enterprise Sustainability, which helps organizations address regulatory reporting requirements like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Powered Sustainability leverages the KPMG Target Operating Model and Powered Technology to support sustainability reporting and functions to be more responsive, resilient and competitive. Data analysis is the cornerstone of ESG reporting and we are pleased to have Microsoft Fabric at the foundation of our solution to help simplify ESG challenges.

Innovation with Fabric does not stop there. KPMG teams across the globe are already helping clients use Microsoft Fabric to make the most out of their data. For example, KPMG professionals are working with a large membership body, which accredits and supports professionals all over the world, to better understand their membership journeys and optimize their offerings. KPMG teams are also building a data platform for a multinational technology company to support their global operations. In addition, we’re leveraging Fabric to build new products and services, like a multi-cloud FinOps solution using Microsoft Fabric to provide insights and intelligence that helps optimize cloud expenditure for KPMG firms and their clients.


As your organization looks to unlock value from your data, break down silos and enhance decision making with actionable insights, KPMG professionals are ready to share our expertise and experience with you to effectively design, implement and operate data and AI solutions using Microsoft Fabric.

Whether you are just starting your data and AI journey or looking to scale and optimize your existing solutions, KPMG firms can help you achieve your goals and vision. 


Author: Marco Amoedo, Global Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft alliance, KPMG International

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