All organizations undertaking the digital transformation journey are heavily investing in automation and applications. Because of that the old way of developing applications is not longer always fit for purpose nor responsive enough. In fact organizations now require applications and automation for a multitude of processes and not only for the global processes. In that fashion the low-code no-code technology provided by Microsoft in the Power Platform plays a very innovative role.


The ability of developing applications and automation flows without the need of fully coding it allows organization to develop and deliver reliable applications in a very short amount of time and for all kind of uses. From business wide application to applications supporting one employee’s own process. In fact this new way of working has also introduces a new figure in many organizations : Citizen Developers. In fact developing applications is now a task even business oriented employees can experiment with and therefore IT’s focus can move more towards the enterprise level apps or onto co-development projects with other business teams.

In conclusion the Microsoft Power Platform with its strong workflow engine and powerful configuration capabilities, can enable and automate your business processes making your line-of-business solutions work the way your business does. That is why the KPMG Power Platform team has developed all required capabilities and knowledge to support you in making the most out of this technology. 

Enabling the Microsoft Power Platform


The KPMG Power Platform team can support you across all stages of the Microsoft Power Platform project life-cycle; before, during, and after implementation. This team aims to improve your readiness and responsiveness to the challenges of a Microsoft Power Platform implementation with a consistent, cost-effective service. This service is based on KPMG’s extensive global network and lead by our local experts who can respond quickly and effectively.

Our KPMG Microsoft Power Platform Team can help you with:

Implementation of the Microsoft Power Platform

KPMG delivers full-lifecycle implementation of Microsoft Power Platform which are designed to help implement and integrate Microsoft Power Platform enterprise wide with other products, technologies and legacy or 3rd party systems.

Requirements & Process Reviews

The aim of Requirements & Process Review service is to identify and/or review the high-level requirements and selected business processes that should be in the scope of a No-Code and Low-Code suite implementation.

Fit Gap & Solution Blueprint

The aim of the Fit Gap & Solution Blueprint service is to validate and understand the degree of fit of Microsoft Power Platform to certain business and IT requirements, identify the major customizations that will be required to address those requirements and to provide an understanding of how Microsoft Power Platform will work in the particular business environment.

Scoping Assessment for Power Platform

We analyze your Functional Requirements, Fit Gap, and Proof of Concept findings and based on these, we recommend an approach for the implementation scope, schedule, cost, and resource allocation.

Power Platform Design & Customization Review

This service provides a key component to a sound and proven approach to deploying Microsoft Power Platform. Benefits of the Design & Customization Review include improved integration between your solution and existing systems, improved customization to meet present and future needs and optimal results from your solution.

Microsoft Power Platform Health Check

This is a proactive service that aims to deliver prescriptive problem identification and suggested resolution guidance for selected components of your Microsoft Power Platform implementation. The Health Check is designed to uncover potential performance and application configuration risks and provide recommendations for any identified issues.

Power Platform Governance

The principal objective is to establish the governance fundamentals for the Power Platform across the business, whilst empowering communities to improve their processes and ways of working.

Define the next steps with Power Platform Inspiration sessions


If you are interested in the Power Platform, but still struggling with the right approach, we are here to help you. During our tailormade Power Platform inspiration sessions we will show the latest trends and developments within the Microsoft Power Platform. Contact our experts directly to request a tailormade Power Platform Inspiration Session

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