Organizations of all sizes need a solution that will give them a unified view of their customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the key to effectively integrated processes across multiple channels and business domains, creating a 360-degree view of the customer. Customers are demanding that organizations interact with them in a coherent, unified manner. Companies that excel at customer interaction management are approaching customers with a single face. This doesn’t necessarily mean that customers always interact with the same representative, but it does mean that initiatives across Marketing, Sales, Service, Finance and other line-of-business applications are synchronized and harmonized with a focus on improving overall experience.

Supporting a holistic customer lifecycle requires integration between Marketing, Sales, Service and Financial Data. The Microsoft CRM solution enables this by providing a common toolset and a consolidated single customer view across the entire lifecycle.

Due to the importance of customers for all organizations, the KPMG Microsoft Dynamics CRM team at KPMG has developed all the required skills and frameworks required to support you in creating a holistic view of your customers.

Gaining Customer insights with CRM

The KPMG Microsoft Dynamics CRM team consists of highly skilled professionals who are specialized in different areas. Thanks to the multi-disciplinary skillsets of our team and the global nature of the organization, KPMG can offer the following services on a local as well as a global level. 

CRM and Migration Strategy

Clients that want to initiate an CRM transformation journey or a migration from their legacy CRM system are often faced with a number of strategic decisions, uncertainty on the best way forward and how to organize their CRM landscape going forward. KPMG can conduct a pre-study that will provide the clients with the necessary insights to initiate their CRM transformation/migration.

Business integration support

During the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM) KPMG can offer business integration support through being involved in one or more of the following roles:

  • Project Manager;
  • PMO;
  • Test Manager;
  • Change Manager;
  • Streamlead;
  • Data Migration Support;
  • Business Analyst;
  • Cutover Manager

Microsoft CRM Support

A key aspect of running a Microsoft CRM solutions is providing support to its users and administrators. We often see the need organizations have to be supported with CRM errors, bugs and changes. This often represents a challenge both from a knowledge and from a resourcing prospective.

The KPMG CRM Team can support you with providing support to your users and IT team regarding your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. KPMG’s partnership with Microsoft allows the KPMG team to help you with both internal support (change management, user issues etc..) and external support (escalations to Microsoft).

Technical and Upgrade Assessment

This service provides guidance to customers considering an upgrade of their current implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by assessing the current solution configuration, customization, integrations, physical infrastructure, and architecture to determine the impact of the proposed upgrade. Post the Upgrade Assessment, we can perform the full technical upgrade on the existing implementation.

Define the next steps with Microsoft CRM Inspiration sessions

If you are interested in Microsoft CRM, but still struggling with the right approach, we are here to help you. During our tailormade Microsoft CRM inspiration sessions we will show the latest trends and developments within the Microsoft CRM technology. In addition we share some thoughts on how a CRM transformation could look like including different scenarios. Contact our experts directly to request an tailormade Microsoft CRM Inspiration Session.

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