A successful ERP transformation embodies much more than solely a technical implementation and deployment of an ERP system. In fact, it is often the neglection of the business side of a transformation that will result in projects running out of time and budget. KPMG is specialized in a wide variety of services that support clients during their ERP transformation journey, starting from doing strategic pre-studies all the way to optimization trajectories of the current solution.

The KPMG Microsoft Dynamics ERP team consists of highly skilled professionals who are specialized in different areas. Thanks to the multi-disciplinary skillsets of our team and the global nature of the organization, KPMG can offer the following services on a local as well as a global level. 

ERP and Migration Strategy


Clients that want to initiate an ERP transformation journey or a migration from their legacy ERP system are often faced with a number of strategic decisions, uncertainty on the best way forward and how to organize their ERP landscape going forward. KPMG can – supported by their Powered Enterprise assets [add hyperlink to Powered page] – conduct a pre-study that will provide the clients with the necessary insights to initiate their ERP transformation/migration. 

Vendor selection trajectories


Some organizations are undecided on which ERP-platform best fits their business and
(non-)functional requirements. KPMG can support these organizations by guiding the RfI (Request for Information) and RfP (Request for Proposal) procedures. During a vendor selection trajectory KPMG will support the client in formulating their requirements and objectively assess all potential ERP-vendors so that the best fit is ensured prior to starting the implementation. By leveraging on our global Microsoft Dynamics expertise, as well as expertise on other ERP-solutions within the organization KPMG is able to challenge the ERP-vendors in their offerings and answers provided in the requested documents. 

Business integration support

Business integration support

During the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations (or another ERP-platform) KPMG can offer business integration support through being involved in one or more of the following roles:

  •   Project Manager;
  •   PMO;
  •   Test Manager;
  •   Change Manager;
  •   Streamlead;
  •   Data Migration Support;
  •   Business Analyst;
  • Cutover Manager

QA Services and Assessments


KPMG can perform independent Quality Assurance checks during Microsoft Dynamics implementations in different areas of the implementation (e.g. quality of testing or configuration done by the system integrator). These Quality Assurance services can either be periodic or prior to a big milestone such as proceeding to User Acceptance Testing or even a Go-Live assessment. By engaging together with KPMG in such QA services and/or milestone assessments organizations get an independent overview from experienced professionals whether or not their implementation is at risk including recommendations on how to ensure a smooth continuance of the project. 

Current ERP optimizations


The KPMG Microsoft ERP team supports clients who would like to get more out of their current Microsoft ERP platform but are struggling how to leverage on the latest Microsoft technology to optimize their ERP-usage. KPMG will identify the pain points as well as the proof points and provide or execute recommendations based on the wishes of the client.

Next to that KPMG also recognizes in the market that organizations go live with Microsoft Dynamics F&O, but are not satisfied with their new ERP-platform and aim to optimize their solution within short notice so that the solution is adopted and accepted within the organization. In such cases KPMG can provide support to analyze and optimize the recently implemented Microsoft Dynamics F&O instance of the client. 

Define the next steps with Microsoft Dynamics ERP Inspiration sessions

If you are interested in Powered Enterprise, or any other service and product that KPMG and/or Microsoft has to offer the KPMG Microsoft Dynamics ERP team can host a tailormade inspiration session. During these sessions we show the latest trends and developments within the ERP market together with our view on it. In addition we share some thoughts on how a ERP transformation could look like including different scenarios. Contact our expert directly if you are interested in a Microsoft Dynamics inspiration session.

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