Digitally Transforming into a Connected organization

When it comes to interactions with organizations, customers nowadays increasingly expect personalization, convenience and speed. To meet these customer expectations – and do so profitably – your organization needs to align front-, middle- and back-office operations to provide a 'Connected' experience. KPMG and Salesforce can help you digitally transform your business and thrive in today's world, while preparing for the future.

Putting customers at the center

Technological developments have resulted in customers having access to more information and being connected to one another, putting them in a stronger position throughout the buying process. This forces organizations to adopt new structures and processes that revolve around the customer and their experience.

Putting the customer at the center can have a different meaning, depending on the industry.

  • There is plenty of room in the public sector to digitize services to citizens and shorten the turnaround times of, for example, permit applications. Intelligent workflows and self-service portals can help achieve this.
  • The pension sector is on the eve of an enormous transformation as a result of the new pension system. Marketing Automation technology, as well as Artificial Intelligence-based customer segmentation, can help to optimally facilitate the prescribed participant communication.
  • With the arrival of new FinTech players and a growing range of financial products offered by Big Tech companies, it is increasingly important for existing banks to simplify KYC and other customer processes through the use of a future-proof digital platform.

Thanks to intimate knowledge of the financial and public sector, with specific expertise in for example the insurance market and pensions, KPMG can advise your organization on the use of technology as an integral part of an overall business strategy.

KPMG's Connected Enterprise framework, based in part on Forrester research, offers a practical blueprint for how skills and systems (middle and back office) within an organization can be optimally set up to support the customer experience (front office). A fitting design and deployment of technology are crucial in this regard.

Marketing, Sales and Service on a single technology platform

Salesforce, a market leader in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms, helps organizations create a unified, organization-wide view of each customer and their interactions. The Salesforce product suite for Marketing, Sales, Service and e-Commerce, supported by Data Integration and Analytics, enables organizations to deliver a personalized and optimal customer experience across every channel.

A fast and sector-specific implementation

Through Powered Enterprise, KPMG helps organizations to accelerate the implementation of Salesforce according to ‘Leading Practices’ for processes, roles and responsibilities per functional area such as Sales, Marketing, Service, Finance and HR, as well as per industry. By leveraging Salesforce's Customer 360 and MuleSoft integration platform, KPMG professionals can help you connect front-, middle-, and back-office systems, data, and devices in the cloud. Strengthened by embedded Artificial Intelligence and Analytics functionalities, it helps to deliver Connected insights, automated processes, and improved employee engagement.

If you are considering a new CRM platform, or would like to know more about innovative technologies in this area, KPMG would be happy to facilitate an inspiration session with Salesforce or one of the other technology partners.

To request an inspiration session, please reach out to one of the contact persons below who will be glad to assist.

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