With an increasing number of countries embracing Transfer Pricing (“TP”) regulations including mandatory documentation, TP is becoming increasingly complex. In India, the ongoing enforcement of TP regulations in the country and adjustments being made focussing on new and more complicated issues have brought to the fore the reality that TP controversies are expensive and time-consuming to deal with and frequently result in double taxation of income and lead to considerable uncertainty. Further, with the advent of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”), TP is expected to become a focus area for India and other jurisdictions as well.

KPMG’s Global TP Services (“GTPS”) practice, is a global network comprising TP professionals from KPMG member firms, across the globe. KPMG in India has a dedicated team of experienced TP professionals, including accountants, tax practitioners, specialists and financial analysts, who can offer essential local knowledge within a global framework. With the help of GTPS, corporations can assist in, developing and implementing economically sustainable transfer prices, document policies and outcomes and guide in responding to challenges from the tax authorities.

Our key differentiators

KPMG in India can leverage on the globally integrated multidisciplinary network of tax and business professionals who have in-depth sector specialisation as well as a background in economics and experience in implementation of applicable regulations. Some of them are former tax authority officers and ex-regulators who can provide detailed knowledge and share their experience while laying down approaches for countering aggressive regulatory positions. Our understanding of tax and economics helps us deliver and implement TP services that are customised for our client’s requirements, and compliant with the regulations.

Our team includes

  • Experienced accountants, economists and industry specialists that assist companies to respond to tax authority
  • TP specialists offer a broad range of services resulting in cost effective models while dealing with fact intensive TP matters.

KPMG in India – Recognition, awards and accolades

  • KPMG in India won the International Tax Review (ITR) ‘Asia Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year’ award and the ‘India Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year Award’ in the past 
  • Four of KPMG in India’s GTPS professionals were rated as among the ‘Top 10 TP advisers’ in India, in a survey carried out among Indian tax payers by an ITR publication.

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