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Challenges of tax/finance function

  • 16 lakh+ listed company shareholders (25 categories with different TDS rates). Manual data/rate validation
  • 18,000+ foreign shareholders – manual Form 15CA process
  • Time consuming (for already stretched tax team) and potential for inaccuracy.

How our tech enabled managed services addressed the challenges?

‘As-Is’ data from Registrar and Transfer Agents (RTAs) was processed, facilitated by our inhouse dividend TDS technology.

  • Rate determination and TDS calculation
  • Validation of errors
  • Preparation of statutory compliance Forms (15CAs, 26Q, 27Q, 61A).

The end-to-end process was managed by us.


  • 16 lakh+ shareholders' data validated, rate determined and TDS calculated
  • End to end engagement delivered in five days (including document verification and statutory form preparations)
  • Significantly higher efficiency and accurate outcomes for the listed companies.