Dividend income is now taxable in the hands of the recipient, at applicable tax slab rates. This change in the dividend tax regime where the tax on dividend has been shifted from/to company to the dividend recipient has necessitated changes in the compliance requirements.

Our technology enabled tax managed services facilitates accurate, seamless and timely completion of the necessary compliances for TDS obligations on dividends and other necessary support required by our clients. 

Our key approach and methodology

  • Review of underlying documentation e.g. tax residency certificate, shareholder declaration forms, etc.
  • Automated shareholders’ data validation e.g. PAN, missing information, etc.
  • Automated mapping of shareholders data with applicable TDS rate
  • Digital interface to analyse eligibility of different class of shareholders to claim lower tax rate
  • Automated preparation of Form 15CA/ draft 15CBs.
  • Automated generation of withholding tax statement on dividends
  • Automated generation of specified financial transaction statement on dividends paid during the year
  • Digital repository for data and document management.

Value added benefits

  • Data transformation of shareholder information received from Registrar and Transfer Agents (RTAs)
  • Speedy processing of voluminous data efficiently
  • Structure and digital governance
  • Automated process flow for TDS determination and compliance outcomes

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