The Indian regulations permit outbound investments from India into overseas companies, branch offices, joint ventures, etc. The Indian home grown business houses interested in or aiming to set-up shop abroad or getting listed on the overseas bourses, also need to understand and stride through an interplay of cross-border taxes and regulatory challenges. 

Our key service offerings are:

  • Advise on cross-border investment strategies and suggestions for obtaining optimal ownership/jurisdiction structures for investment into a particular jurisdiction which includes setting up an international holding company, global sales company, etc.
  • Advise and assistance on entity structuring, capital structuring and regulatory approval processes in the selected jurisdiction
  • Assistance in finalizing/review of shareholders, joint venture and other relevant business agreements from a tax perspective 
  • Identifying and enhancing tax and fiscal incentives, including obtaining tax rulings in the selected jurisdiction 
  • Advise on the tax credit claim in India and tax treaty implications 
  • Assistance in obtaining approvals from the Reserve Bank of India/regulatory authorities that may be required in the matter.