Since 1991, the regulatory environment in terms of foreign investments has been consistently eased to make it investor-friendly. The liberalisation programme of the government aims at rapid and substantial growth of the country's economy and a harmonious integration with the global economy.

Our key service offerings are:

  • Advise on an India entry approach and suggestions for obtaining optimal ownership/jurisdiction for an investment in India
  • Advise on the entity structuring for selecting an optimal entry vehicle such as a branch, subsidiary, LLP, joint venture, to name a few
  • Advise on capital structuring in the backdrop of foreign exchange policies keeping repatriation needs in mind
  • Assistance in filing/obtaining necessary regulatory approvals including those from the Reserve Bank of India, Foreign Investment Promotion Board, Government of India and other regulatory authorities
  • Assistance in finalising/review of shareholders, joint venture and other relevant business agreements from a tax perspective 
  • Repatriation strategies 
  • Target due diligence.