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Tax authorities are increasingly using technology and analytics to proactively collect / match data in real time. Tax has always been driven by data, but in today’s landscape of fast changing regulations and instantaneous information sharing, it has never been more important to ensure the quality of that data and unlock insights that drive strategic decisions. The companies that capitalise on this opportunity are putting themselves in position not only for improved compliance but also strategic advantage.

Also, with the increasing need for corporates to be able to govern their tax function more efficiently as well as minimise risk, enablement of technology within the tax function has become a matter of urgency. At KPMG in India, we recognise this need and have developed several technology enabled tax solutions which can help accelerate the digital transformation of your tax function.  

In addition to ‘ready to implement technologies’, our tax automation and transformation team also helps tax and finance leaders establish a customised tax technology roadmap and implement it based on the objective set out by the organisation.

You may refer to this link for more details: Tax technology and automation - KPMG India