The ever-evolving tax landscape has had a profound impact on all industries and has forced the companies to view taxation from a strategic standpoint rather than a compliance requirement. Therefore, taxes have become an important element in shaping up of business strategies and hence, upfront advice can help in attaining tax efficiency. 

Our professionals are guided by a single, strong underlying philosophy – ‘helping our clients attain their business objectives within the regulatory ambit ’. We endeavour to adopt a ‘handholding approach’ which encompasses various aspects of tax advisory.

Our key service offerings include

  • Advice on various domestic as well as international tax matters including cross-border transactions.
  • Advice from a tax perspective in respect of agreements to be entered into by various parties.
  • Advice on withholding tax obligations on payments to residents/non-residents.
  • Tax advisory for positions to be adopted in the tax return.
  • Advice on permanent establishment exposure and its tax impact.
  • Impact analysis of changes in tax treaties owing to introduction of MLI.
  • Review of operations and analyse the impact of BEPS measures.
  • Impact analysis of new EQL of 2% on various entities. 
  • Analysis of new TCS and Section 194-O provisions basis the business model of the entity.
  • Analyse the impact of General Anti Avoidance Rules (GAAR) on domestic and cross-border transactions/structuring.
  • Analyse the impact of Place of Effective Management (POEM) rule for determining tax residential status of a foreign company/overseas group entity in India having regard to global management structure.
  • Advise on repatriation strategies.
  • Advise on the restructuring strategies from tax and regulatory perspective.  
  • Advise on availing foreign tax credits in India or in overseas jurisdictions.
  • Review pending litigation and other uncertain tax positions, to comment on probability of success and prevention of recurrence.
  • Carry out diagnostic health check analysis from a tax perspective.
  • Advise on recent developments (e.g. Direct Tax Vivad se Vishwas Act 2020, refund of Dividend distribution tax, allowability of education cess, etc.).