Having access to a large suite of training content covering basic and advanced accounting concepts under various accounting framework, KPMG in India offers customized training programs to several corporate entities. Trainings are customized to meet specific needs of clients:

Program highlights

  • Basic / advanced training to those interested in finance and accounting 
  • Workshop, seminars and courses on specific topics of relevance 
  • Training on specific industry issues or sector specific impacts 
  • Train – the – Trainer sessions for client's internal L&D team 
  • Subject matter specialist trainings on specific topics (for example: IFRS 7, IAS 32 and 39/SFAS 157 on financial instruments; income taxes, leases, etc.).

Course details

  • Imparted either in classroom form or through video conference/calls
  • Customized for each industry or sector, based on relevance and expertise/requirements of the audience 
  • Training is covered over a 2-5 days period 
  • Also covered in a single day based on relevance and requirements of the audience 
  • Flexibility in timing (weekend batches or relatively shorter modules).


On successful completion, participants will receive a certificate from KPMG in India. 

For enrollment / inquiry contact us at in-fmlearninginfo@kpmg.com.


All learning programmes are offered under the auspices of the KPMG Learning Academy. To know more about other programmes offered, click here .

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