User interaction (UI) and user experience (UX) are the most crucial elements of any product or service. Our expertise in user experience design enables us to offer services to clients who want to build a business that is customer centric. From websites, mobile applications to machine interfaces, we aim to create solutions that align with the ever-changing customer needs, whether the customer is internal or external. 

Our process

To deliver intuitive and compelling designs, we leverage design thinking as a process and mindset across our UI/UX projects. 

What we offer

a. UX design

User experience (UX) is at the heart of how a user experiences any product or service. A deep emotional response they have (or don’t have) while interacting with the product or service determines how well the connect with user has been established through design. It involves -


1. Analysis and process plan

Collect insights to plan a process flow to structure a design. Insights are gathered from market and desk research, as well as empathy interviews to form a process flow of a particular product/service.


2. Information architecture

We break down elements of a process flow to create a skeleton of a product or service.

3. Wireframing and prototyping

Starting with Low-Fidelity, we conduct iteration exploration with the client to build an interactive prototype.


4. User feedback and customisation

We conduct product testing to gather insights for customising the final solution before delivery. This can be expected to provide the user with an elevated experience.


b. UI design

A good UI design establishes a sense of fluency when interacting with any machine interface or services. It involves -


1. Trends and design reference

Referring to standard design guidelines of UI design as well as keeping track of the latest trends to offer a fresh experience.


2. Interactive interface

To build a user-friendly interface, interaction is the key element which creates a delight factor.

3. UI guidelines

We have established in-house standards for UI design specifically curated after studying market guidelines, standards and trends.


4. User testing and feedback

After delivering a solution, we stay in touch with the product to gather insights from the end-user to deliver an elevated experience.

Potential benefits

  • UX design cuts down development costs while increasing the revenue
  • Motivates users to engage with the content
  • Helps in customer retention with reduced turn-around-time
  • Quick adaptation to new technologies with human centred approach.

Our expertise

  • We utilise the best in business, development tools to serve our clients
  • External partnerships and resources to support execution 
  • A team of designers with product, service, process and technology capabilities
  • Exposure to design challenges across multiple sectors.