Electronic discovery (eDiscovery) is an integral part of judicial and compliance processes all over the world. Millions of zettabytes of data is generated and stored all around the globe. This can pose a challenge when data has to be collected, analyzed or produced for the purpose of litigation, government requests or investigations. It can be a complicated and expensive process which has led to an ever increasing demand for legal managed review services.

eDiscovery reference model

‘KPMG eDiscovery services encompass all the pillars of the EDRM model and comply with the Sedona Principles , guiding the effective process of discovery supported by practical solid advice to achieve a favorable outcome’

Collection Processing
  • Onsite and offsite secured data acquisition
  • Forensically approved methodologies
  • Collection and preservation repository
  • Customized data collection process.
  • Extraction, indexing and hosting
  • Customizable search term analysis
  • Data management by sampling and culling data
  • Data recovery
  • Advanced analytical tools.


Review Analysis
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Structured workflows and methodologies
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Defined escalation matrix
  • Predictive coding
  • Litigation support services to assist with production, trial preparation, privilege logs.
  • Case timeline view with red flags
  • Visualisation tools
  • Workflow and project management reporting
  • Customisable MIS
  • Translation, redaction and highlights for reporting.

Forensic e-Discovery centre of excellence

Our eDiscovery hub leverages our capabilities to provide broad professional services

  • Excellent infrastructure with a dedicated forensic technology lab
  • Distinguished and defined workflows
  • Excellent technological support methodologies
  • Impactful and visual reporting services
  • Industry experts with extensive experience in forensic
  • Forensic eDiscovery centre of excellence.

How can we help

1. Smart discovery

KPMG professionals deliver detailed approaches with excellent infrastructure and technological support. Our robust mechanisms and trained workforce empower us to understand client requirements and provide customised solutions.

2. Litigation support

KPMG professionals have the expertise in providing litigation support and assistance with regulatory and investigative inquiries or requirements. Our customised approaches help improve efficiencies and therefore reduce litigation costs.

3. Managed review service

The KPMG in India eDiscovery process aims to streamline workflows and the information life cycle management to enhance efficiencies and effectiveness.

4. Data analytics

Our teams have advanced capabilities to analyse information in complex and high risk matters. The various visualisation and analytical tools empower the teams to extract relevant data thereby reducing costs while increasing accuracy.

5. Project management support

KPMG professionals provide subject matter expertise and clearly defined project plans to ensure continuous workflow. Well defined workflows and escalation matrices with certified professionals further increases our capability.

6. Mobile discovery

Our experts help clients acquire data and analyse information using mobile devices basis mobile type and models. All this data is reviewable with our standard discovery tools.

7. Reporting excellence

An interactive dashboard view is available for tracking the progress of the project. This is supported by our advanced reporting and analytical capabilities.

8. Data acquisition and hosting

The COE has trained professionals proficient in collecting onsite and offsite data using forensically approved methodologies. All data is hosted in a secured centralized repository which allows for easy retrieval of data.